Wellness and Goodness has landed to our shores with GV Michel Austrailian Oats

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I am not that much into oatmeals as the only thing that I know what to do with them is add a bit of milk or yougurt and some fruits and viola! Instant healthy breakfast or snack for the day. That was before I went to the launching of GV Michel Oats, cause they sure had a way to think outside the box and serve oatmeals in ways I never thought possible.

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As explained by the president of DPPI,Mr. Amen Say, GV Michel Oats is a premium Australian brand that uses high-quality oats from Australia in all its products, such as organic instant oats, rolled oats, quick cooking and instant oats available in 200g, 400g, and 800g packs. GV Michel Oatmeal of Australia contains significantly higher levels of fiber and protein to provide consumers with the fullest health benefits.

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And as we all know, oatmeal has lots of health benefits that can help our body when consumed in moderation, like lowering one's cholesterol count, improves digestion and lowering risk for several diseases that includes high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. GV Michel Oats have around 4 variants, quick cooking, instant, organic instant and rolled oats.

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Personally I liked the texture of the rolled oats more, as it reminds me more of rice when cooked.

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The quirky and fun Chef Lawrence Zafra was pretty much in my top chefs list after the event, as he introduced to us 3 new ways to serve oatmeal to the family. There's the Oatmeal Caldo (O.C. maybe? hehehe), in which he used the rolled oats as substitute for rice, and the end result was so good that you wouldn't even know that oats were used there. :3

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For this one he made oatmeal fritters, which I think could be improved with a greater serving of cheese in the recipe, and maybe some parsley or spring onions too. But my favorite recipe that he showed us was the one below,

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This oatmeal risotto is pretty much the greatest cheat engine on making that perfect risotto dish in terms of healthy-ness and budget. After all, arborio rice is way more expensive than oats right? :3 Oh and the taste of this one is just divine.. :3

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The chefs of century park hotel also gave their own twist to the oatmeal craze and made us some oatmeal cookies for dessert. I feel though that the texture is closer to a fruit energy bar than cookies, but delicious nonetheless.

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After this presentation I had way more time to think outside the box and saw that oatmeals can be used as breading to your tempura or fried chicken, or as a thickener in soups and can also be added when baking cookies or breads for a healthier outcome.

GV Michel Oats of Australia can be found in supermarkets nationwide, and are available in single serve instant oatmeals packs or the 200/400/800 gram packs.

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