Rejuvinate the skin with Regenesis

Consider this… Ageing spares no one.

I am pretty much skeptical when it comes to aesthetic clinics and my face since I'm still 22. So I'm pretty saddened to hear when I had my skin tested once in a BDJ Fair that as young as I am, I already have wrinkles around my eye area and forehead, and since then I've considered treatments for my skin, although I haven't really acted upon it until last week.

Last week I was pretty blessed to know of an affordable and quality clinic that can cater to my skin's needs. The place is  Regenesis, an Aesthetic clinic which utilizes methods that value a person’s inherent beauty and provides services suitable to one’s needs.

Millions of cells in our body die everyday, taking a toll on our skin and body. This results to volume loss in the face, loss of skin elasticity and other less desirable physical changes. And while we can’t stop ourselves from ageing, we can undergo treatments that will slow down and reduce its visible effects. When this happens, we need to transform, we need to regenerate.

The body may have the capacity to heal itself, but this will take time. And as its ability to repair slows down, the wait is longer and even impossible. This very principle of Regeneration is what Regenesis offers.

Regenesis utilizes techniques that are anchored in speeding up the body’s regeneration abilities. It uses safe and state-of-the-art technologies that aid in the body’s regeneration abilities. Each service aims to bring back your natural glow and lets you experience a youthful transformation.

The clinic offers several types of Regenesis treatments namely, Skin Regenesis, Body Regenesis and Laser and Light Regenesis.
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Because skin goes beyond just the face, Skin Regenesis focuses not only on facial needs but also on skin improvement needs of the other parts of the body. The clinic offers various facial cleaning, peeling, skin tightening and firming, acne removal and other skin treatment options. These treatments will let your face and body, bloom, glow and metamorphose to a younger you.

Body Regenesis provides body improvement treatments – from body shaping to toning, for a healthier you. The clinic has a number of body sculpting procedures that are non-invasive. Regenesis also offers “deeper regenesis,” which promotes regeneration from within.
And with the most modern equipment, Regenesis introduces special laser and light treatments that repair skin damage faster, more effectively and without downtime.

Regenesis was created with Dr. Angela Gomez’s vision of making beauty and wellness available for everyone. As such, the clinic is strategically placed in Festival Supermall in Alabang. The prices of treatments are also very affordable.

For sure, one cannot disregard the implications of ageing to our body. But the good news is that it can be prevented.

I tried out their latest laser technology, the RevLite and I will be giving you guys an update, including a video on how it affected my skin and the wonders that it has done to my face sometime during this week. :)

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