Review | Kingsglaive : Final Fantasy XV as seen from a Non Gamer POV(NO Spoilers!)

Kingsglaive is a pretty awesome piece of a bad ass movie. Now, I know you don't usually see me review movies, but I do love watching them, and I stave off any expectations because I really just want to enjoy the ride. Hence me not reviewing stuff. But this is my first time to watch a 'gamer's movie' and I wanted to look back to these thoughts of mine when I'm older, for sentimental reasons. Hahahaha!


Let's get going to the good stuff first. I know Square Enix is this awesome Japanese company who started the Final Fantasy Franchise. For those who aren’t familiar, Final Fantasy is a science fiction role-playing game (RPG) and is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. 90s kids would understand! I also know that Kingsglaive is made with characters being modeled upon actors and giving life to said characters through the voices of these actors like Sean Bean of hit series Game of Thrones and Lena Headey, and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul. Talk about an all-star cast!


As for graphics, Kingsglaive really had my mind blown, as the only time I can notice that the characters are actually animated is around 2 % of the time of the movie, when they have awkward, non human movements. The characters are suited in a renaissance meets future apocalypse fashion. Kingsglaive knights themselves I felt are inspired by a very regal marching band and the Knights of the Round Table combined. The whole world is like a futuristic and yet apocalyptic Tokyo, with the freeways and old regal statues amidst the city scape.  The details of this world have come alive through my eyes in a truly magical way.


The opening credits are a true eye candy, with a barren dessert as a backdrop for the battles they have faced.  Fire, violence and magic that is delivered exceptionally in the first part and climax of the movie will be enough to give this a 10 out of 10 on that area.


On the story though, this is all I can say: If you're someone who is not familiar with the companion game FFXV, then you will have to listen attentively to the first 5 minutes, and just try to absorb the next 15-20 minutes. It will all click later on. And for a game's story, I think this is a pretty complex storyboard to be honest.


On characters, I loved how well rounded their personalities were shown, even forsome of those who are just 'extras' and some who had shorter screen time than others.


My favorite characters in the movie is Nyx Ulric, played by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Bojack Horseman). Nyx is the quintessential “hero” of this film. I mean, even his own friends in the movie call him hero! hahaha! Nyx is a pretty fun bad ass to follow, as his character can meet the challenge at hand of misfortune, in an epic and action-packed route toward the end of the film.


King Regis Lucis Caelum CXVIII(Dang! what a mouthful!) is played by Sean Bean. Bean does a wonderful job portraying the fatigued king and revives to life what would normally be a throwaway monarch character. Despite the sometimes stiff nature of the CG for the faces in this film, the voice gives Regis all the regalness and empathy that his character has.


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, is a character who I think should be checked up by doctors. Why? Because she's got no sense of self-preservation, due to the fact that she has accepted that her life is only the sum of what it symbolizes for the kingdom, which she embraces to an almost suicidal extent in the film. She really, really likes to say "I do not fear death" a lot and then does something pretty suicidal like jump off an aircraft with no gear on, all because she thinks she might not get to the king in time.

Her character is written as quietly strong, as her frail, translucent features do not match her powerful voice in the least. We get it, guys, she's pure and innocent, but there is a huge lack of emotion in her face, especially to scenes where there should be at least fear or willfulness. Felt like I was watching Kristen Stew, but with a much more powerful voice. Honestly, if it wasn't for Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), I'd think the character is a regal talking zombie. hahahaha!


Why this movie is given a much lower rating on Rotten Tomates and IMDB, I don't know... But then I don't really review movies because I look at it as a whole and not the technicality of things (most of the time).

Now, I do have an idea that fanatics of the Final Fantasy franchise are pretty wary of having another disaster come their way, after the fails and confusion of Advent Children, and disappointment that was the first franchise, Spirits Within.

Fans need not fret though, because I'm pretty sure that by the way my companion was awed and amazed by the obvious easter eggs he saw in the movie from the game, it looked to be a pretty good one. He even rated it on a scale of 8-9 out ten.

Me? I give it a 7.5...

Unfortunately, it's confusing as hell for the first part through the eyes of a non gamer who hasn't been waiting say 3, 4 years for the release of it's companion game, FInal Fantasy XV.

BUT all that confusion? WORTH IT in the end. :)


  1. I remember the first Final Fantasy movie I watched. I was blown away then by the incredible graphics/animation. So there really is no reason for me to doubt how much better XV is. Because of you, I am made aware of this movie so I will be looking out for this! #AmazingLifeDaily

  2. I never get to play Final fantasy after I think VII or IX.. I missed a lot of action in final fantasy.. and also the plot of the story, so I don't have an idea of how the story of this movie flows.. I got a lot of catching up to do..

  3. I haven't seen the game Kingsglaive yet but I did hear about it. This movie version sure looks really interesting. I rarely watch this kind of genre in animated movies but if I hear good reviews about it, I might try. When is it going to be out here in the Philippines?

  4. it was out last august 17-18... grabe super exclusive lang in SM cinemas.. I hear it'll be out in blue ray soon this year though

  5. If there's something that Square Enix consistently over delivers, it's always the graphics. Like you said in your review, you rarely feel that this is an animated film because everything feels realistic. I also have to commend them on using world-class actors / actresses for the voice acting. However in typical Square Enix fashion, the story can be a little more complicated than it has to be, but maybe it's just me nitpicking 🙂

  6. I feel so left behind right now, lol! I haven't watched this movie at all! And to be honest, I thought final fantasy is a computer game and not a movie. Or I guess it's both? :D Nonetheless, it does seem like a good movie because you seem to have liked it. :) Gosh, I don't even remember the last time I watched a movie! haha.

  7. Wow , the images and your write-up are really brilliant , although this is so out of my range of "must watchs" . I am not into all these fantasy movies at all , but I admire the amazing technology nowadays. Animated becomes so real , excellent !

  8. I just watched this today and I must say this is really a good movie! I love the Final Fantasy Series and this movie and the anime just made me want the game more! I have been waiting for four years for this. Too bad though, the main character of Final Fantasy XV didn't have much screen time. >_<

  9. The one who we will be playing for the actual game is King Regis' son- Noctis. It made me sad as well that the main of Kingsglaive didn't have much screentime. Much like game of thrones, you're attached to the character then.. T_T.. By the way, did you watch the anime series connected with this? :D FFXV Brotherhood :)

  10. Final Fantasy is well known for the amazing graphics and cinematic. Even though many fans didn't like their first movie, I really enjoyed it. Usually I don't like full CGI on actors. Warcraft is amazing because the CGI is on creatures, like Orcs and stuff, while humans are real actors without CGI on them. But Beowulf for example is the same way as Kingsglaive and I really didn't like Beowful. It was in between animation and "real life" and it felt wrong to me. But here, of course it's Final Fantasy and from the trailers I've seen my mind was blown away. It feels animated stuff even more real. I can't wait to watch it. Great review!

  11. I saw their featurette in Youtube and I was in awe to see their graphics .. highly realistic.. although it's too late na when I found out that showing pala ito .. i didn't even saw any promotions online :( I think this is the first time they made a movie prior to the actual release of the a Final Fantasy fan, i felt sad because FF is starting to lose the "Fantasy" side as they focus more on darker and much more realistic environment.. i miss the old FF days

  12. I haven't really watched a single movie from this series or roster but the way the characters were rendered is impeccable! I mean, I thought this was a live action movie up until you mentioned about the CGI. This is just so amazing! :)