Things that will Make my Day

Hi! I'm really sorry if I wasn't consistent with the posts this past month... I was having difficulty writing properly due to my toothache, which led to fever and infection. Recently, I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out, and man, it was decaying so bad that my tooth resembled a glass- the sides are okay but the thing is hollow inside.

Anyways, here I am today sharing with you all the surefire things that will really make my day. As a wife, mom, daughter, writer, aspiring Make Up Artist and occasional baker on the side, the day can be pretty rough for me. There are lots of days when I can't find my muse when it comes to writing, and so I resort to other things. I guess we all have that, and I just wanted to share with you guys how I can get through a rough day/week/month fast. :)

I got enthralled by Harry Potter around late Grade 6, when we were given our library cards and we got to borrow books from the school library. You would see me engrossed in today's lessons, and come breaktime, I'll be walking the halls while reading the books (mala texting while walking ang peg). I just can't put it down, as the magic and suspense is pretty immersive and takes me to a place where I believe I can survive.

Whenever I feel down, I grab an e-book of Harry Potter, preferably the 3rd to 7th books, and the world and negative vibes just wash away...

I'm pretty awed with Hermione and Harry (and Severus in the last book) because they have survived and come out to be the greater person after being bullied. I have an article I wrote a couple of years ago about Bullying, and I think it is still relevant today.


  • Do makeup for other people/ myself. For no reason at all.

I just love the feeling that I get whenever I make somebody smile and say that they look awesome... It's that feeling of giving a little bit of something of yourself to others, and their smiles that I get which makes spending up on makeup worthwhile. :)


  • Make lambing to my kids. And bake up cookies and breads for them

It's one of the ways that I show love to them... And yes, kasi nagtitipid rin po ako. Ang mahal kaya ng Cinnabon! :3

  • Watch Movies like Avengers, Now You See Me or TV marathons of Sherlock, CardCaptor Sakura, House and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

A few laughs and some cinematic wonder really hits the spot for me if I feel blue. Who wouldn't get their dose of laughs with Jimmy Fallon?! :)

  • Read new fanfictions.

On a REALLY ROUGH day, said fanfictions should have lemons  in them. Hey- we need to find release in one way or another, right? hahahaha!


  • When Pichi brings in Food for Pasalubong. Or just seeing his smile after a long day from his work and my 'work' :)

Because FOOD is LOVE. Nuff Said. :)

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