Cafe Arabelle : the NIX stop in Solenad 3 Nuvali

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Cafe Arabelle screams beach house and home upon entering. Situated in Solenad 3, Nuvali, I say that they give Italian Pinoy Cusine because it is comfy italian based but most of this is swak or great to the Filipino palette. Price wise, most of their dishes are lower than 500 Php, and quantity vs. quality, I would say it's a win because most portions are great for 2 persons.

Here's what I got to try out during the Zomato Food Crawl in Nuvali:

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Creamy Mushroom Pasta is priced at 400 Php. It is very delicious, creamy but not too milky, it stays true to the italian carbonara in taste. It has some ham and bacon and eggs so this would also serve as a great heavy breakfast. The bread is very delish but I think it needs a bit more garlic for taste.

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Arabelle's BBQ Ribs (740 Php) are delicious, juicy, tender and fall off the bone. This is one of the pricier things on their menu but COME ON. It's ribs! It tastes a bit sweet but more savory and also full of herbs. This is why I say that they cater to the Filipino taste- the added a bit of sweetness to some of their dishes. :D

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I LOVE this Buffalo Pizza (520 Php) from Cafe Arabelle. It's two of my favorite things in one, and this is one of the better fusions that I've had in a couple of years. You don't need much of hot sauce for this, and it sure is yummy! Now if only I can ask for extra cheese... :D

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Grilled Bacon Pancetta (275 Php) that's wrapped in asparagus is one of my favorite dishes here though. I mean come on! It's BACON. AND PANCETTA. OMG. <3 <3 <3

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Cafe Arabelle Nuvali-20170322154547

Seafood Marinara (335 Php) by Cafe Arabelle is your typical red sauce pasta, perfect balance of tangy from the tomatoes and sweet by the seafood. Good for one only though. :(

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So if you're not sure where to go for lunch or brunch with the family when in Nuvali, you can try out Cafe Arabelle and savor Italian comfort cusine at a very affordable price. <3

Cafe Arabelle

Mondays-Sundays 11AM-10 PM Solenad 3 Nuvali

Instagram: @cafearabellenuvali


  1. We first went to this resto when my husband joined The Bull Runner marathon early this year. We loved the food! We also love the ambiance. And we'd love to go back there again next time.

  2. We always frequent Nuvali but I havent tried Cafe Arabelle. The Creamy Mushroom Pasta looks oh-so-yum! The ambience looks nice. Definitely will try on my next visit to Nuvali.