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Brace yourselves guys because I think there will be a LOT of food reviews the upcoming week. So a couple of weeks ago I was at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna to try out a number of restaurants there. First stop of this Foodie Meet Up is Wingstop Nuvali. If you're a Buffalo Wings type of foodie then I know you'll love this review.

Wingstop, Nuvali

Ambiance of Wingstop Nuvali is very American, very green, homey and sporty. It's like a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff got married and decided to bring happiness to the world by serving out some awesome Chicken WINGS.

I have here some Cheesy Nachos, Mango Habanero, Classic Buffalo Wings, Lemon Pepper wings, Garlic Parmesan and Korean Soy

I got to taste a little bit of everything, and I really loved the classic Hot Buffalo, the Mango Habanero and the Garlic Parmesan. You have a choice of having your wings batter fried or classic (direct skin), and a plethora of flavors are up for you, so you will never get tired of trying new things out. I loved the Classic more than the Batter fried just because I can taste the flavor even inside the chicken with classic, where as for the batter fried I only got the flavor on the skin.

Their hottest, Atomic, I didn't get to try because I have sores that day :( Here are some of their flavors, and I'll attempt to describe each of them for you.

Louisiana Rub

This Lousiana Rub is full of spice and is balanced by herbs, savory and slightly sweet. on a scale of 1-5 I would say that this is a 2 on the Spicy Scale.

Lousisana Rub Wings

Garlic Parmesan

The flavor Garlic Parmesan is very direct, albeit not that strong of a garlic taste. I scale it a 0 on the Spicy scale, and this is a great flavor for kids who don't like spicy food.

Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper has a nice balance of tangy and hot. I think it's because of the black pepper, and it rates a 2 for me on the spicy scale. A perfect flavor for beginners.

Honey Sirracha

I don't know the taste of Honey Sirracha unfortunately. I didn't try it because I was already full. hahaha!

Mango Habanero

Mango Habanero would be a wings equivalent of those alcoholic drinks that are 'traydor' or traitors. At first you would taste it as very sweet but then at the end of that first bite it's spicy as hell, and the subsequent bites are HOT. I'd rate this a 4 on the spicy scale.

Hot Buffalo

As I said before I am a Buffalo wings fan, and Wingstop did not disappoint. I do find it more hot than tangy, and I still believe that a bleu cheese dip would be best for this. This rates a 3.5 on the Spicy scale.

The Atomic Wings.
According to ken, he said it's ok, mild, but for me I can smell the spicyness a couple of meters away! hahaha

Onion Rings  Regular 79 Php

You also have sides to enjoy with the wings. :D I recommend eating the Nachos once they are served, and Onion Rings are ok. The Fries are priced at 99 Php Regular, 119 Php Large, they have two flavors- Louisiana Rub which has a slight kick to it and Garlic Parmesan which is as tame as it's Wings Counterpart.

Cheesy Salsa Nachos 139 Php

Chicken Tenders: 5 pcs 2 dips 329 Php

Wingstop Nuvali has chicken tenders too, and an offering for the lenten season which is the Batter-Fried Fish Sandwich. The fish patty is nice, and I wish that they would just serve it ala chicken tenders though. :D

Louisiana Rub Fries

Garlic Parmesan Fries

Classic Wings tossed in signature flavors:
  •  5 pcs 1 flavor 239 Php
  •  7 pcs 2 flavors 329 Php
  •  11 pcs 3 flavors 499 Php
  •  20 pcs 4 flavors 899 
 Batter-fried Wings tossed in signature flavors:
  •  5 pcs 1 flavor 199 
  • 7 pcs 2 flavors 269 
  • 11 pcs 3 flavors 399 
  • 20 pcs 4 flavors 799 
  • Ranch
  •  Bleu Cheese
  • Honey Mustard
  • BBQ
  • Atomic
  • Cheese

Wingstop PH


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  1. Wow, you have just made me hungry while reading your blog post. I like their concept of giving the customer a choice of having your wings batter fried or classic (direct skin)at least they can have their preference. The Cheesy Salsa Nachos looks luscious and I want to try it. If this is only near, I would really to visit this beanery and experience more of what they can offer. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. As much as they sound and definitely look so yummy, I know I cannot have them :( I recently quit having all the junk food, for good. However, I think I am going to make me some of those for this evening :p
    I can not resist my slurpy mouth after seeing this... Y-U-M-M-Y!!!

  3. Wow these wings look yummie. Showed the pics to my hubby who loves wings and he instantly wanted to know where it was. Lovbe that they have so much choice.

  4. Ahhh, Wingstop, we're very fortunate we have a branch here in Cagayan de Oro and I feel sad for you, you haven't tried the Honey Sirracha - that's my favorite! I mean, I don't know if you like spicy but I love spicy foods and that one is just savory

  5. Loving the decor of this place! Really welcoming. Unfortunately I'm a veggie but my boyfriend would love this place! I'd especially like to try the atomic on a veggie option. I love hot food! Ree love30

  6. Buffalo wings are great! Love that they also have cheesy nachos! I really am a cheese addict. The garlic parmesan looks so nice as well. Must be great to eat here. Same goes for the garlic parmesan fries. That would be my choice!

  7. Such crispy crunchy spread. Each of them seems to compete for attention - eat me , eat me. :D
    Thank God calories don't come written on them else who would have eaten.

  8. I've always wanted to try out Wingstop at Nuvali whenever im around but my kids would often prefer another resto. Im curious about the atomic wings.. gosh! Im craving right now! Will surely wont let the chance pass by next time..

  9. Great fan here of WINGSTOP. Just love how they could create so many flavors and excite their clients of their wing offerings. It is great to know as well that for the Lent season, they have fish to offer. I agree that they should have broaden their offerings and perhaps aside from the Batter-Fried Fish Sandwich, they also have ala chicken tenders. Such cool to munch and bite.

  10. I like Wingstop as well. I think it's perfect for barkada meals. Overall it's a good deal for money and you can taste different flavors of chicken bits in one sitting. :) My favorite is garlic parmesan. I think their nachos and fries are negligible though.