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I've been out of it lately. Lost my bearings and all that. The only thing that kept me sane was Harry Potter, rock music and the guy who gave me this shirt. Call me spineless, that I can't embody that whole strong, independent woman shit but come on. Once in a while, as a human, it will hit us. That unbearable feeling of being lost and scared shitless and really pained in life. 


Tony Stark, and eventually the guy who played Iron Man, Robert Downy Jr, is one of my lifetime idols.

He's that guy who smiles to all his haters, shows that he doesn't give a damn and yet you know that underneath all that is just someone who has quite a lot of demons in the closet and needs some loving and understanding.

I was listening to Ironman by Black Sabbath since I was in diapers. By the time I was tired of all the bullying I endured in school, I listened to Iron Man, and found strength in myself. When I got to watch Iron Man in the MCU... I felt alive and free even if it was just a moment. It felt like my demons are just specks of dust and I don't give a damn bout them.

That day I watched the movie, I felt more than alive. I was living, and nothing can stand in my way.

Yep. One of the best days I had ever.

I guess this is why the guy who gave me this shirt thought it fitting for me. Because lately, when I hit my lowest low, I would listen to Iron Man and try to remind myself to live one day at a time.


Shirt: SM Department Store
Black Stretch Pants: My Mom's Closet
Shoes: That unknown botique inside Cash and Carry 
Earrings: Bente Store


I am, we are Iron Man, and we will always show the world that we are strong. That we will try to help in any way we can...But we are also essentially just a human who makes mistakes. We cannot please all.

We have to live for ourselves, not let other people dictate and live life through us. 

If there was one good thing that happened from me being lost, it was that I finally found my focus once more with writing. But that's for another post in another time.

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  1. Hey Nicole, you write with your guts out. I like it. Your words are just like the assasins' bullets. Keep it up.