Customize your Jolly Hotdog with Extra Bacon, Cheese or Jalapeño | Jollibee #TopYourOwn

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE! Jollibee just launched their best idea yet- the Top Your Own option for their Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog! I for one have always loved their classic Jolly Hotdog but I would always wish that I can get a bit of extra cheese on the side and I am so happy as they finally made that wish come true! That freedom to customize the Jolly Hotdog is so endearing as you can feel that it is especially made for you.

Go Extra Cheese, Extra Bacon or Extra Jalapeno for that nice kick of spice.. But for me I find that going all in is the best flavor of Jolly Hotdog that I got to experience!

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You can easily mix and match these extra toppings, and it's also economical as you'll only be adding in 10 Php for extra cheese, extra Jalapeno or Extra bacon. Or you can add in all 3 for only 25 Php... Or make your own creation by adding in a double order of Bacon and extra cheese, Double Jalapeno and bacon... The possibilities are endless!

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This offer is now available nationwide starting today, October 15th! Taralets #TopYourOwn #JollyHotdog today!

*The Cheesy Classic Jolly Hotdog and extra toppings are available for dine-in, take out, delivery and drive thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide. Prices start at 50 Php*

For more information please check out the Jollibee Facebook Page


  1. I love Jolly Hotdog. I havent tried anything with so many garnishes aside from cheese. This makes me excited to try them. My boys are hotdog and burger lovers as well so I guess a date at jollibee is possible this long vacation.

  2. Jollibee is a family favorite and so I was excited to try this. I ordered the extra cheese and bacon. Unfortunately, it is far from what's in your picture. There really wasn't enough of it not like what's in the picture above. It was all over the place too and considering that we ordered late at night can't say that it was because there were many customers.