Tokyo Tokyo Spicy Sisig Ramen Sneak Peek

sisig ramen tokyo tokyo (21 of 45) Tokyo Tokyo ventured to a Japanese fusion dish that you'll definitely love- the Spicy Sisig Ramen! Think hot and rich tonkotsu broth with firm ramen noodles, topped with tamago (egg), chili oil, chicharon and shredded pork that tastes like sisig.

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With the way this is presented, the people at Tokyo Tokyo recommended that you mix the whole spicy sisig ramen first for the chili oil to be present in the whole dish. If you're not into the whole pigs ears and what not into your sisig, don't fret as Tokyo Tokyo decided to use pulled pork instead which is just as soft as your usual chasu.  And yes, the intrigue does not disappoint. Personally though I am not into too much spicy stuff so if ever I'll be ordering this I would probably ask that they half the amount of chili oil or just have it on the side. Minus the spice, I think this ramen will be enjoyed by the whole family, kids and parents alike.

As with most Tokyo Tokyo dishes this is really affordable as it is priced at 160 Php for the snack size and 210 Php for the regular size. And you can also upgrade to add some fried gyoza or karaage with drink.

Aside from this though Tokyo Tokyo also launched their Valentines day special- the Valentines Sumo Meal!
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The V-Day Sumo Meal has some prawn tempura, their signature Dragon Maki, Chicken Teriyaki, a couple bowls of rice, stir fried veggies and a couple glasses of red Iced tea. It is priced at 450 Php.
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I am most intrigued with their Dragon Maki, which was only available in the Trinoma Branch before but is now available in all their branches. It is a prawn tempura maki with some unagi sauce, japanese mayo and I think there's also a hint of cheese which surprised me in a good way.

PS: That maki set is my new favorite!
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All of these dishes are now available in all Tokyo Tokyo  branches nationwide. If you're looking for a great and affordable place to date or have lunch, Spicy Sisig Ramen is the way to go!


  1. Ayyy gusto ko to 😍 Like ko kasi meron sa Tokyo Tokyo na at of course mura, and i like spicy too. ( i might ask too wag ibuhos lahat, thanks for the idea ) . Naexcite ako dito ❤️