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Beauty by Euvienne is this budding make up artist from the south who exclusively use Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for her clients.

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Glowing Skin Beauty By Euvienne MUA (process)

If you are in need of long lasting makeover with fresh and glowing skin for a date or any occasion, then Beauty by Euvienne is the Make Up Artist for you! Trust me on the long lasting part- I had quite an adventure the day I had a makeover sesh with her.

The make over happened with me and a few other ladies who are just as excited to have a bit of self care time. 

Glowing Skin Beauty By Euvienne MUA (before)

Here's a couple of my before photos- just to show you all what has to be concealed. Yes, I look tired as I haven't had any sleep. I arrived with dark under eyes plus really dry lips. Oh and also a couple of pimples on the side of my forehead!LOL. This was the week after my birthday and I had too much work and events last November. Euvienne's inspiration for my look is Meghan Markle's wedding day make up. Which means it was all natural and glowing. 

Everything she used on me is Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Of course with the pros, you're not just paying for the make up but also for the skincare. If this is make up for an actual wedding or pre nuptual shoot, the make up artist also does a bit of skincare magic with some cleansers and toners, sometimes adding the occasional face mask to prep the canvas/face*. As it is an events make up, I had the usual routine for skincare prep aside from the extra face mask.

Also, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is up on the high end tier of make up, along with Mac or Estee Lauder. It is not puchu puchu, you're paying for quality make up and techniques of the make up artist here :D

*I know this cause I studied pro make up artistry as well. :p

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List of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics colors used on me (Classic Bridal Look):

Primer moisturizer: Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream
Corrector: light peach
Foundation: warm ivory
Powder: illuminating nude powder in golden
Bronzer: medium
Blush: pale pink
Brows: mahogany
Eyes: Medium long wear eye base

  • Ivory
  • Champagne
  • Cocoa

Eye liner: black ink
No smudge mascara
Lips: Sandwash Pink
Gloss: Bluff

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I loved the look and feel of her masterpiece on my face as it was not heavy at all. Best part was it withstood the day I had, which consisted of me riding Angkas to Greenbelt and riding a motorcycle again to Okada that day. I just changed lipsticks to turn it into a nightime make up. After all that motorcyle riding, I still had pristine and non oily looking skin! Also love the fact that the blush and eyes didn't fade or smudge a bit!

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Also, with Valentine's day approaching, it will be nice to get yourself pampered before that date! If you're up for that Fresh, Glowing and long lasting look, you can contact Beauty By Euvienne down below:

Beauty By Euvienne Facebook Page
Instagram: @beautybyeuvienne

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