Family Mealtime Bonding or dahil sa Sinukmani?

So I chanced upon this vlog by Eats Jeremy while surfing the interwebs a couple of days ago and it, in turn made me laugh a lot. Mostly it made me reflect on my two families. Anyway, with the holidays coming, Jeremy and his mom tackled on the topic of superstitious beliefs. I kinda remembered my own parents teaching us about these things, especially on:

Family Mealtime
  • Jumping at exactly 00:00 of the incoming year to get taller
  • having lots of rounded fruits for the new year for more money
  • not eating chicken for the new year cause of the "isang kahig, isang tuka" rule. This one Jeremy and his mom interpreted to be bad as well cause good luck might fly out the window.

Which would be a stupid thing to say to my baby boy right now who loves his crispy fried chicken so much that we have it even on these occasions, and nothing bad really happened so far. LOL

Family Mealtime
There's nothing really bad about believing these things. Superstitions are just a guide after all, and you can choose not to follow, like what I do with that last bit. But I think the best thing that I got out of the video was me missing my own parents whenever Christmas and new years celebrations are coming. I miss my mom's hamonado and fried chicken. Especially this year, cause my own family is scheduled to go to another country for the holidays.

Maybe it's cause of all that sinukmani my mom makes every new year and Christmas eve. Which probably made us closer- even if we're apart right now. Or it's just cause we make time for meal time together as a family. :p

Couple of things that I learned from my mom and dad is:

You can cook great food even with a couple of short cuts and fresh meats, like using peanut butter for kare kare and using crispy fry for your fried chicken.

Family Mealtime

And waiting for all members of the family to be seated before praying and eating. It fosters this sweet bond, and makes the whole family closer for some reason. I can't exactly pin point if the bond is out of us asking about what's with our day, or if because it really is just more enjoyable to eat with those you love.

Sanga Tabata Korean  BBQ

I remember when me and my siblings are younger, we used to pray for the food and then chant "let's eat!" for some reason. It made mealtimes more fun, and my own kids now also do their own version- on their own accord btw! Their version is "Happy eating!"

I'm sharing with you the video created by Eats Jeremy cause it's so fun to watch. You'll feel the genuine bond between mom and son. You'll be laughing at their quips. And they will definitely make you think if those superstitious beliefs have any truth in your life.

What do you think?

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  1. Jumping at exactly 00:00 of the incoming year to get taller

    - I died 😂