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Women today are seeking to find their own voice to speak out about the different struggles that they go through from larger issues like gender equality, to everyday things they encounter with their bodies.However, there still is that barrier when it comes to openly talking about women's concerns, whether it's embarrassment or simply a fear of being called inappropriate.But talking about what you need is the first step to truly caring for your entire well-being.
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PH Care, the no.1 feminine wash brand in the country, invites Filipinas to have the courage and confidence to speak up about what they are going through. A brand every woman can count on to understand them on an intimate level, pH Care knows that proper care for ourselves, including our feminine area, starts with talking about it. This International Women's Month, the brand is launching#talktoPHARE-a call for Filipinas to start asking their questions about Feminine Care and Feminine Hygiene. Through the brand's official website and Facebook page, girls of all ages can now have a safe and private space to ask what it takes to really care for their intimate area. Through these digital avenues,pH Care continues to show that they have #GotyouGirl!

PH Care collaborated with three women artist to create pieces showcasing the different issues women face but might be too ashamed to discuss. The gallery entitled Speak Up, Girl! which is now displayed at SM Megamall's Fashion Hall features some artworks and photographs by these three women,each with their own point of view and style of portraying femininity.

Sara Black is a photographer renowned for her refreshed and arresting portraits of women. Soleil Ignacio is an illustrator who is know for her glamorous and alluring illustrations of women. Winnie Wong is a full-time graphic designer and photographer teacher, as well as the co-founder of Future Faces Manila which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students from low-income families in studying the arts.
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Event host Joyce Pring, also participated in the panel discussion moderated by Lynn Pinugu of She Talks Asia. Tackling what society deems taboo and how women should instead join together to create a space where everyone feels safe enough to raise these issues, the women shared their personal experiences of speaking up and using their art as a way to continue to do so, as well as helpful advice and messages to those who may be feeling discouraged to say something.
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My favorite quote from Sara Black is this:"It's beautiful to take care of our bodies and all that but always tune in to how worthy you are without condition. There is no need for you to validate your worthiness with any achievement, with any nod of approval from anyone". Being a woman is hard enough with all the pressures of everyday life stressors and the society's set of standards. We don't have to be shackled into thinking that we are not worthy. The best form of self-care is to listen to your own needs without being judged.

So no matter what the situation is and especially when it comes to feminine care, pH Care encourages women to speak up,because if you can't talk about it, how can you take care of it?

#TalktoPHCare via pH Care's official website and officail Facebook page(,and follow them on instagram @phcare

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  1. Very Empowering 💪❤️ Love how she discuss about self worth 💖 Anyways im a loyal PH care User also..and i love how it adds up to my confidence 🌼