DIY Photo Album Unboxing with Photobook Philippines

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So last May, Photobook Philippines released a promo with their app- get a 6x6 Disney Mini Funbook for FREE! And we just had to pay for shipping! So of course we got that plus a couple more things like their tumbler, a full photobook album and some pillows and luggage tags for our next family travel.

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Why Get a Photobook?

The nice thing with Photobook is that  it is a great family activity, helps you organize heaps of travel and family photos to turn it instant albums. You don't have to get stuck with just albums, you can also get their other merch like luggage tags or tumblers, personalize it and gift it for a special someone!

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You also have no problems with layouts because they have ready made templates for your photos!

They also recently launched their Disney templates that you can use to make your photobook more memorable! It's also really easy to use with the Photobook App!

1) Just open your Photobook app

2) Click the Disney Fun Book

3) choose your photobook size  and template

4) Add in a minimum of 21 photos if you're getting the 6x6 funbook

5) Just drag and drop and scale to your desired photo size!

For a full HOW TO USE the Photobook App and Desktop site, you can check out this vlog:

I really recommend that you get the Photobook App and try out their services, it's a nice family activity to do because you can reorganize your photos, have them printed and delivered without the hassle of going to the post office.

For our package, we encountered a bit of delay with customs due to a surprise inspection, but I commend Photobook Philippines and their partner carrier because they are very easy to work with and we had no problems having it delivered after we reported the problem.

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Download the Photobook APP HERE

INSTAGRAM: PhotobookPh

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