The Manila Hotel Gives us Sweet Surprises for Valentines

When you see the hearts and the town painted to red (or pink), you know that Valentine's is here. It is usually synonymous to wining and dining with that special someone... And the pandemic does not have to stop you from doing that. You can still have a dinner to remember with The Manila Hotel!

Manila Hotel Valentines Special 2020

A dinner to remember with The Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel's Champagne Room is touted as the most romantic room in the country. The exquisite backdrop to many proposals, and a destination choice for top tier dining. If you are in to french dining and need a break from the home scenery, then this is perfect for you.

They have an especially curated Valentine’s set dinner which kicks off with Pan-Seared Foie Gras and Lobster on melon gazpacho.. They always do things at top tier so you can be sure that this 4 course meal will definitely satisfy your hearts and tummies! End your night by lingering over dessert—a must for any romantic occasion—with Raspberry Delight on pistachio shortbread, and a Valentine Praline.

As an added treat, lady diners will be given one long-stemmed Ecuadorian rose. Combine all of
this with the chic French ambiance and intimate seating, and your Valentine’s Day will be

The Manila Hotel Valentine Gourmet Dinner Price

The gourmet dinner will be available from February 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2021 at Php4,500 nett
per head. Don’t wait though—a table for two at our Champagne Room is always a hot
commodity. Call them for reservation and book a table at 85270011.

Give Sweet Surprises with The Manila Hotel

Manila Hotel Valentines Special 2020

Bouquets nowadays are really creative, stemming from the usual roses, you can now make makeups and chocolates into these cute bouquets too. 

If your special someone has a sweet tooth or if you want to curate a nice care package for him or her, then handcrafted chocolates from The Manila Hotel's Deli is a great choice! Surprise your loved one with either the Valentine Praline Bouquet or the Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet.

For only P980 nett, the Valentine Praline Bouquet is exactly that—a round bouquet of hazelnut
gianduja-based pralines, with highlights of rolled pistachio nuts. Timeless and popular, round
bouquets are popular in weddings, but this artisanal chocolate bouquet is one that will surely
add a sweet touch to Valentine’s Day.

Manila Hotel Valentines Special 2020
The Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet, which sells for only P1,380 nett, combines the taste of
juicy strawberries and the comforting sweetness of chocolates loved by many. Dipped in
artisanal Belgian chocolate and interspersed with pink variant, this is a perfect gift that says a

Manila Hotel Valentines Special 2020You can also go for the Valentine-inspired Raspberry Delight heart-shaped cake that combines three ingredients that make the perfect combo: Chocolate Mousse brings sweetness and mellowness; raspberries an acidity note; and pistachio biscuit just the right crunch. For only, Php1,300 nett, this indulgent dessert is just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard. One-day pre-order is recommended.

These sweet surprise variants can be pre-ordered starting February 8, 2021 from The Manila
Hotel’s Delicatessen, or by calling 85270011 or 09989501912.


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