Andrea Brillantes and Kyline Alcantara are Living the Presko Life with New Whisper Breathable

We have always been all about the fresh look. It is what most ladies aspire to do- just like our favorite K-Pop idols, actresses and singers. And of course, we'd wonder if they are as fresh even during that time of the month...




I got some insider scoop on some of the hottest trending social media stars about that! They spilled the tea on just how much they prep when that time of the month comes. And as it turns out, it involves a lot of planning. They’ve scheduled every second of their time up to the T whenever they’re on their periods to avoid sweaty and stuffy napkin mishaps.

And it’s not as easy as it looks. But their recent discovery of the New Whisper Breathable — their new holy grail pad — helped them take a proper breather unlike their previous napkins. No more sticky feeling! Kyline Alcantara gave the New Whisper Breathables pads a try and least to say that she loved the presko feeling. 


 "I get so kilig talaga every time I receive packages. But now, I’m more excited because I just got Whisper’s NEWEST Breathable Cotton Presko kit! I've been seeing it all over social media —and girls, I finally understand why you all love it!!”

The new Whisper cotton pad variant has thousands of airflow vents that let air pass through for a light and airy feeling. And if you’re wondering how they’re able to move freely even on their period, the Whisper Breathable have new super soft wings that can help reduce thigh irritation. They even can go through their days without checking for leaks with the new and improved top-sheet with deep anti-tagos channels.

And it’s not just them who’ve shared their love for the presko with Whisper experience. Like thousands of Filipina girls, I have also switched to the new Whisper Breathables and let me tell you: I am so not going back to my old, stuffy, sweaty napkins. After all, to look fresh we gotta feel fresh too and it is what the new Whisper Breathables give!


Don’t miss out and give yourself the breather your body deserves when on your period. For a presko period, try the new Whisper Breathable with thousands of airflow vents, available at all leading online stores, drugstores, and supermarkets. Share how the new Whisper Breathable lets you #HingaLangGirl by posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok with the hashtag. 

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