Fantastic Chef | 499 Pesos UNLIMITED Korean BBQ and Sagmyupsal

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A couple of days ago I was around Remedios Circle for some sagmyupsal. What made the Fantastic Chef experience different apart from the others that I've had is:

  • Fantastic Chef is an Authentic Korean BBQ Experience
  • You get 10 Premium Meats for 499 Php
  • They have this Cheese Dip which is just THE BOMB.

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So let's start with the basics. PS: There's a vlog below with my Fantastic Chef Experience.

The Place

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The place is quite spacious and rustic. You will easily find it along the Quirino Fountain circle, it's a part of all the other K-BBQ restaurants that is in one building. 

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The Meats and the Price

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They are offering 10 different types of pork cuts for the price of 499 php. That is also complete with nine different side dishes that I'm gonna be discussing later. You can also have your serving of beef cuts for an additional 50 pesos. With all that, this is a really sulit deal!

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The side dishes are quite plentiful as well. You have your usual kimchi with moderate spicy level, not too hot unlike others that I've tried. They also have spring onion kimchi with a lesser spice level and coleslaw salad which registers refreshing and a bit sweet for those that can't take the heat of a kimchi.

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You also have your fish cakes, glass noodles or chapchae, a soup with tofu and a bit of korean chili paste, egg souffle/stew and pickled radish.

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What took the cake for me is that they have this cheese dip which tasted much like a variety of cheeses combined. It registers as nutty and a little sweet so I'm sure that there's mozzarella and some sort of Parmesan in the cheese dip. The dip really took my sagmyupsal game to a whole new level.

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What you so is to dip the meat and put it in the lettuce and once again dip with the sauce after wrapping said meat with kimchi and the greens. YUMMY.

While the meats don't have as much marbling as the ones that I tasted in Tabata, Japan, I still loved them to bits. You can really appreciate a restaurant that can give a variety to serve. My favorite cuts are the skirt meat, rack, beef plate and pork belly <3

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The have different promos ongoing on their facebook page! Check them out there- you never know when they are having a giveaway or a promo perfect for the barkada!


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Enjoy eating! :D

Fantastic Chef

Remedios circle, Malate Manila
2472 Leon Guinto Street, Taft, Pasay City
11:00am-7:00am ( Monday-Sunday )


  1. As a kbbq fan, I will definitely try this. The chapchae and kimchi really looks yummy! Plus, I just live near them!! 499 for 10 kinds of meat is already good however, I wish they included the beef already! Nevertheless, will definitely try this one!

  2. I love BBQ of all types and Korean ranks right up there. You can't ever go wrong with pork belly of any kind. I find the kimchi is the key to these places and way to many of them like to go for the heat. It's hard to find a restaurant that gives you just the right amount of heat.