SHAZAM! Here's the Newest and Yummiest yet from DC Superheores Cafe

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A couple of weeks ago I visited DC Superheroes Cafe because they launched their latest additions to their menu with the inspiration of SHAZAM! Said character is also gonna be up on cinemas this April 3 and DC Cafe is having a giveaway on their facebook page for some tickets! You should definitely come here soon and have their awesome grub. The place was full of foodies and DC geeks alike and even cosplayer Prince de Guzman was there to make the place more electrifying with him posing as Shazam himself.

A full review and the ambiance of DC Super heroes Cafe here.

Shazam Inspired Menu of DC Super heroes Cafe 

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There's six new dishes to represent each power that Shazam has. I've ranked them all from MUST TRY to it's alright, with the exception of the dessert as that is just SUPER. (I loved it all though, don't judge. hahaha)

Strength of Hercules (Baby Back Ribs) 780 Php

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Oh baby! Baby! This is a must try dish definitely. The ribs are done to be fall off the bone good! It's got a sweet but savory kick that you can taste up to the meat. You can share this with up to three persons and out of most baby back ribs, this is the most affordable as a slab only costs 780 Php.

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dc cafe shazam (24 of 29)

Courage of Achilles (Honey Butter Drumstick) 490 Php

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If korean chicken is your thing then you will definitely love this one. You get crispy skin and really tender meat within. Since it is Honey Butter, the skin is on the sweet side but it is perfectly balanced with the salad that has a vinaigrette for sauce.

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Speed of Mercury (Macaroni Soup) 280 Php

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Really creamy and tasty! This chicken macaroni soup will make your colds go away as it gives you that warmth from within. Every sip of this one just felt like Christmas in a bowl to me. It is paired with a baugette with chicken liver that for some reason tastes way better than what you would think chicken liver is supposed to taste like.

Power of Zeus (Grilled Porkchop) 380 Php

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Loving this one to bits! They did their mashed potatoes right and taste wise the pork takes you to the heavens or maybe to Zeus himself! I think it can be better improved if they serve it with some dip of that hickory sauce on the side though. For 380 pesos this is a sure winner :D

Wisdom of Solomon (Beef Kebab) 340 Php

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This kebab is fit for a king! They have home made pita here and a pretty tasty kebab. I think improvements can be made though by having the spices a bit more stronger- but that's just me.

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Stamina of Atlas (Mango Float) 180 Php

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This sweet treat definitely is the BEST for last. It is three layers of really sweet mangoes, graham crackers and is topped with some whipped cream plus cashew nuts. If you're allergic to nuts you can just ask them to not add said nuts for you. A definite must try. And if you are on a date here, you should definitely order this one. I'm betting you date will end sweetly if you give this one a try.

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Weather you are a DC fan or just someone who passed by and became interested with the place, there is sure to be a little bit of something for you. If you're collecting some DC toys and other memorabilla you should also come here as you can get your fix of DC Comics here. If that's not enough, this place is also great for taking those OOTD shots as it is quite instagrammable - even their comfort rooms! Yes. I had to say that. :D

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So drop by DC Superheroes Cafe and let's all harness the power of the world's mightiest mortal - Shazam!

UPDATE: DC Heroes Cafe closed up shop during the first few months of the pandemic. We are all missing their lovely food, and fun atmosphere. I wish they can reopen soon here in the Philippines again.

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  1. Interpreting a superhero in a meal; sounds so delish already. And from your photos, every plate looks mouth-watering. And, the dish names are so witty I'd love to try the Power of Zeus. Glad to stumble upon this piece, I'll pay this cafe a visit soon.