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DC Fans now have their own nook within the metro, with DC Superheroes Cafe, who finally opened last June 23 in SM Megamall Fashion Hall. And they have EVERY REASON TO BE PSYCHED UP because the whole place is a big easter egg playground filled with awesome food, drinks and DC merch!

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The menus are so adorable, based on the Gotham City Paper!

DC Cafe Philippines

Even if you are not a fan, you can still definitely appreciate the place because it is quite the instagramable venue, and while the restaurant's look will make you curious, I'm pretty sure that the food will make you want to come back again and again!

On to the food, all of the things that they serve there are also taken from the popular series that have popped out through the years, or is something that is quite reminiscent of a character. Here are my top picks:

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This is Arthur Curry, but you can find it on the menu as Salmon and Green curry. Said dish is inspired by Aquaman's real name. Honestly, this is seriously the only curry that I love. And I don't even like curry in the first place! But I can have a couple of bowl of this even without any rice. Although I think the reason why I liked it is because the coconut milk kinda empowered the curry a bit. 😅

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You can definitely get where the inspiration of the dish above came from. And no worries, those plants won't really harm you ayt? Take a bite out of Poison Ivy's Garden with this strawberry trifle that is oh so sweet but is balanced by the tangy flavor of the strawberry. And the macaroons are just so light!

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This is Barry Allen's Pizza, derived from Barry Allen's favorite pizza. The cafe made it so the pizza is perfect for sharing, has an awesome pizza sauce, lots of mozzarella and what I think is a hint of American Jack?, some spiced up pepperonis and a dash of greens. I personally felt it was more of a home made thing, or maybe that is just the passion of the owner and cooks coming out from the pizza? ;D

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This is Spiral churros with chocolate sauce, inspired from Wonder Woman's Laaso of truth. Truthfully, it is more delicate as compared to other churros and I loved the chocolate sauce because it is not too sweet, which is my usual pet peeve with churros dips.

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This one is my top pick for drinks, Taro Purple Spiced latte. And it is not just because I like the joker-esque photo on top, but because I love all things TARO in general. And this one did not disappoint.

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These next drinks I wasn't able to try but I'm coming back for them! The top one is a matcha with pistachio taken hot, inspired by green lantern. The bottom two I really have no idea what they taste like but they were taken from Wonder Woman and the Flash. Also, as you can see they have the CC Jitters cafe/logo inside the restaurant, and from what I heard from the owner, you can also order Flash's favorite drink. *wink wink*

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All the dishes average from 200Php to around 600Php, and with the point that every dish is a work of art, I feel like it is at a reasonable price. You can check them out at SM Megamall, 4th floor Fashion Hall. Also check their Instagram and Facebook page for discounts and other awesome news!

IG: @dccafeph
FB: DC Super Heroes Cafe PH


  1. That looks so cool!!! If I ever go to Asia, I’ll have to go to this cafe!

  2. This is awesome! I love how they serve the food! They are very instagrammable <3

  3. Hey!! Am a superheroes fan & I have visited to 1 of the DC cafe in my country too. It's located at Pavilion Mall of KL. Hmm...Quite some time, since last year

    After reading your post here, am gonna plan my revisit soon. Hope I can enjoy the Taro Purple Spice latte too :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing