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careline kiss sticks

These Careline Kiss Sticks are what's new from Careline, which I got to try out last May 30th on it's launch. From my first impression, it is a handy matte lipstick that is kinda similar or is probably inspired from the Colourpop Lippie Stix. Read on to check out some swatches and my verdict of these cutesy and handly lipsticks.

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A bit of side story first, at the launch, Andrea Brillantes was also there to celebrate the last days of summer, show us what is up with the new Careline Kiss Sticks and the new commercial for Careline. Which was the BOMB by the way. Loved the creativity behind said commercial, which I am sure you probably have seen already in youtube. I know I have. hahaha!

The games there was also so much fun, as two teams of 6 had to try on the new Kiss Sticks and kiss a couple of handsome hotties. The guy here was our hottie, and yes, we won with around 80+ kisses on him. Este his shirt. HAHAHA!


Also got to meet a couple of my favorite youtubers in said launch, About RAF, Ms. Mae layug and Gen Zel of She Sings Beauty.. :D


Packaging + Where to Buy

I love how handy and upgraded Careline's new packaging is. Definitely Better than Basic! It does not feel like kids makeup anymore, as it got a modern twist to it. Anyway for the kiss sticks itself, you can clearly see what you are getting, and the shades are well indicated at the back of the carton, along with the ingredients.

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Did I mention that Careline does not test on animals? Yep, they are cruelty free! YAY!

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The lipsticks are kind of disguised as markers or pens in my opinion, and this is great cause you ca put one in your pencilcase, and do a retouch pag nandyan na si crush. They come in 12 popping shades, from fresh pinks and nudes, to reds and a couple of out of this world lip colors like bright purple, dark purple and slytherin green, which they actually call Martian. :D
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The shade indicator at the bottom of the pen is actually a sharpener as well. And I love how they also added in the manufacturing date of the kiss stick, plus how long it will last... Which is 24 Months after opening. Or until you run out. And you definitely will especially if you use it everyday, as it only has around 1.3-ish grams of product inside. :D
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You can get yours for only 175 Php  at the nearest Careline Counters in Malls, or in BeautyMNL.


I don't have all the shades of the Kiss Sticks available, but what I did get from the PR kit and our prize from the game are 8 shades. Four of which are of the same color, so I'll definitely be sharing the blessings with a giveaway later on :D

Back to the topic, I have here Fruit Punch, Native and Vacay for you. :D By the way, in these swatches I don't wear any makeup aside from the lipsticks... :D

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careline kiss sticks


Vacay is a neutral rose shade, that I am currently always reaching for in my makeup kit. I like it cause this color is great for morenas and I can get away with looking fresh, even if I only have this lipstick on.
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Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch looks much like a cool toned fuschia, and while my husband said I look cute in the color, this is not my usual shade preference. With this color I think I need to do a bit of concealing and some eyeliner to pull it off...

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This is a nice light brick red or poppy in color, and as with most reds they really compliment my skintone. This also has the power to brighten up my face without much on, just the Careline Kiss Stick. :D

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Definitely a BUY!

The lipsticks are lightweight, I did not experience any tugging but they still managed to deliver on that bright bold color that they promised. Much like any other bullet type lipsticks, after eating you will experience fading at the center. But without this quirk, it can definitely last up to 6 hours or so :D
You can mix and match the shades for an ombre effect, but for me I am happy with the one coat that this gives, as it is so vibrant.

careline kiss sticks

I will also be buying Martian for my collection as I am in love with weird colored lipsticks. I think it reminds me of that Pinoy Comics character Valentina, and it just looks so cool in general. :D Plus points for being cruelty free and handy. The packaging is also sturdy because I did not experience any accidents in my makeup kit.

Please do check out my blog in the next days as I will be announcing a fun game for us makeup geeks later on in the month!

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  1. hmmm mukhang maganda ung vacay ahh.

  2. Ooh interesting! I like the look of native - a perfect everyday shade to wear at the office. Might do some swatches when I was by the mall :-)

  3. Haven't tried these but heard of it. The packaging was kinda cute for they look like markers. It's also great that they are available in different shades. The best part is, they are cruelty-free so very yay for that!

    1. yes! hooray for being cruelty free! And while this works like your usual bullet lipstick, wala akong tugging na nafeel so gentle din siya sa lips :)