BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

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So I've had the BYS Nude Eyeshadow palette for a couple of months now, and I was so excited when I got this because aside from the raves I saw before that this is a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, my husband bought this along with a few other makeup for Valentine's day. You can check out the vlog here :D Keep on reading to check out the swatches and my review!

BYS Nude Palette

Packaging and where to buy

What I love with BYS Palettes is the point that they use metal instead of plastic, so it feels durable and looks beautiful.The color of this palette's packaging, a nice play of watermarbled colors  is also ironic to what is really inside which are 12 beautiful shades of nude eyeshadow that is perfect for a daytime or night time smokey eye. The con here is the mirror inside which is kinda distorted, so I opted to not remove the carton cover.

You can get this in any BYS counters around SM Department stores or Watson's malls for around Php 1,199.


BYS Nude Palette

The Nude eyeshadow palette from BYS has 12 shades of cool toned browns mixed in with a couple of pinks and golds. As I said earlier, this is a nice dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, which costs at least three times of this one. This palette is better off for those with lighter complexions though, because the matte shades don't really show up on me lately after I went a couple of times to the beach and got a tan.

BYS Nude Palette Swatches (4 of 6)

From Left to Right: Eight, Runway, Couture, Vouge, NYC, Style

From a video comparison of the BYS Nude VS Urban Decay Naked palette swatch test, I saw that the mattes are a bit lighter in color, and there is one shade that is not in the Naked palette. The other metallic colors on the other hand are dead on duplicates. You can see the video here.

BYS Nude Palette Swatches (6 of 6)

From Left to Right: Chic, Collection, Fancy, Coco, Model, Late

As I said earlier, this has cool toned shades, and while I am in awe of the metallic shades, I am kinda disappointed with the pigmentation of the mattes because they don't show up on my skin. Not sure if it is because the color is too light or it is because I am morena. And yes, I also tried foiling technique but I think I failed on that. Anyways the metallic shades are pretty buttery, and what I love with the golds is that they can also double as a highlighter shade.

Below is a look I made for this post, and a mini tutorial of sorts.. :D

BYS Nude Palette eyeshadow look (24 of 27)

BYS Nude Palette eyeshadow look (18 of 27)



These eye shadows don't last long when used alone so it is best to use an actual eye primer, but if you are on a budget, the concealer+ setting powder trick is alright. You can really see how much I had tanned the past summer because all of my foundations currently don't match me. huhuhu...

BYS Nude Palette eyeshadow look (27 of 27)
I used the color Vouge as a highlighter as well.

Other makeup used in this look:
I like it because it has good metallic shades that I can use with other eyeshadows to create a nice smokey look.. Plus it has a special place in my heart cause my husband bought this for me for V-Day. Hahaha!

So now, if you can't afford to be Naked, go Nude! ;)
BYS Nude Palette


  1. This is beautiful! I love nude shades and this is just what I need. I also love its colorful packaging!

  2. I was recently planning to purchase Urban Decay's Naked but I'm just starting to learn how to apply make up, and I don't know if purchasing Naked would be worth it if I wouldn't use it as much. My friends told me not to purchase expensive make up when you're just starting, and your post made me consider Nude. Are there any more products you'd maybe want to recommend for this starter make up guru? I'd really appreciate it. Your make up looks amazing by the way!

  3. I love nude shades and this is exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing.
    The shades are very beautiful! I keep doing my eyeshadow kasi whenever I don't people tell me I look sick.