Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Un Nudes Swatches and Review


Hey everyone! Today I am giving my verdict on the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks, along with swatches of the Un Nudes, the new collection they just released!

We have all been there before, at that time you thought you were looking so fab with your liquid matte lipstick, all to find out that your lips look so cracked, with the color either fading or worse, peeling off onto what you are eating. And that lip *butthole coverage? GONE.

*The lip butthole is the inner rim of your lips...*

I have already made an initial review and wear test of the lipstick, and please click the link below if you want to watch and see how it fares with food and with their claim that this is smudgeproof and foolproof is up to par. You can check the video of my review and weartest here. 

Please read on to see the other swatches and if you want to see my full verdict. :D

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Packaging and Price

So the packaging at first glance is much like any other liquid lipstick with a twist. Its applicator looks pretty special, instead of the usual doe foot applicator we see.

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This one has a hole in the middle, and is pointed at the tip for even distribution and precision when we apply the product. The hole also makes sure that we only apply a thin layer, which is okay because the pigment of this lip color is so strong. I think the applicator is a hit or miss for people, because some have been so accustomed to using the usual applicators that this one has a bit of learning curve before you master it.

Me personally I like it because I hate applying my liquid lipsticks and then getting them too thick.

This has 5ml of product and it has a strong vanilla scent that fades away after applying.

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You can get this in any Maybelline counters nationwide for only 299 Php. They are also selling in Lazada Official Shop and Shopee Mall. As of writing this review, the first collection just finished going on sale for 249 Php last June 15. That includes the colors Loyalist, Lover, Romantic, Pioneer, Escapist, Voyager, Dreamer, Heroine, Creator and Believer.


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I only have 2 shades from the original collection, Pioneer and Loyalist and one from the un nudes collection, Amazonian. But I got to swatch some of the new Un Nudes Superstay Matte Ink for you guys, and I think I will be buying more from this collection instead of the original ones because the colors are just so pretty!

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Above is Loyalist and Pioneer.

maybelline superstay matte ink

As you can see from the swatches, these are the colors that would better suit morenas like me. I missed the colors Driver and Poet and a couple of daring colors from this collection, and I will be updating this post soonest.

Loving Ruler by the way as it is a perfect everyday color. Seductress is a very close color to the Careline Kiss Stick in Vacay, which is another perfect MLBB (my lips but better) color.

I was torn between Amazonian and Fighter, but I thought that Fighter was a pretty similar color to Cafe De Flora on the L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick, so I opted for Amazonian.

maybelline superstay matte ink amazonian swatch

I was not disappointed. The Superstay matte ink in Amazonian wonderfully complimented my skintone and is a nice nude shade for me. It is so close to the effect that I get from my Nicole Cosmetics Lipstick in Hypnotize. But I am still curious with Driver, so I'll still check that one out.

maybelline superstay matte ink swatch

Next is Loyalist, which I borrowed from my sister in law for the sake of this review. This one is a nude pink, but it is the type of nude that only those with a whiter skintone or pink undertone can pull off in my opinion. On myself though, well... Pass. Also, the color looked a bit patchy on my lips.

My favorite though is Pioneer. It is a deep, cool toned red which is my type of red, as it can instantly brighten my face and make my teeth whiter.

maybelline superstay matte ink pioneer swatch

Final thoughts:

As for longevity, the short of it is that it is so good that you don't need any lipliners. This one does step up to it's claim of smudgeproof when you eat or drink, but this has it's limits. When you eat super oily food, like salted egg prawns and lechon, the bottom half of your lipstick will be gone. But there will still be an outline.

The long of it though is that it takes up to 20 minutes for it to set, and while it is not setting it is so sticky and tacky. Once it has set you cannot really feel it on your lips for the first hour, but I can tell that this is also drying like the usual matte liquid lipsticks cause of the strong formula. I mean hello! with pigment this strong and it stays up until you eat a LOT of oily food? This one is more of a special occasion lipstick for me- not great for everyday.

maybelline superstay matte ink

Now, on kissing, while this is kissproof and smudgeproof when you kiss with your date, please do take a bit of care with it if you have eaten something oily as it can smudge a bit.

My husband likes this cause it doesn't leave any marks on him, hence he can finally kiss me even with lipstick on. Also he thinks that if you are a player, you should gift this to your girls cause it won't let you down. HAHAHAHA grabe siya!

For it's price and quality I would definitely repurchase for the other shades because I like eating a lot, and having no worries if my lipstick is still intact or do I look like a 3 year old who played with makeup after eating is worth paying for. :D


  1. I love the Fighter and Amazonian shades. <3

  2. Wow! Great review. I've been tempted to buy these for so long, ever since they first came out. I love the Ruler shade but it's always sold out. Also, want to try Pioneer. Looks niceeee

    1. go go go! I see that these lipsticks and other make up are on sale in shopee and lazada right now :D

  3. Haha! Actually lip butthole coverage has always been the major problem for me for lipsticks. They tend to either wear off easily so I resort to using lip gloss. I'm glad to know that there's something like this so I might just purchase one next time I go to the store. Amazonian looks good on you btw! :)

    1. Diba? It is so hard to find a lipstick that can step up to the hole! :D thank you for the complements :D

  4. HAHAHAHA Wait, "Also he thinks that if you are a player, you should gift this to your girls cause it won't let you down." For me, that's the highlight of the entire post! Hahahahaha kidding!

    Anyway, I've been eyeing this lipsticks too but I still don't want to buy because I still have a bunch of lipsticks here. What I like is the gray shade and the Protector one! I'm pretty much excited to own one of these!

    1. kuha ka na! It is currently on sale in shopee and lazada :D