GOTTA SWATCH EM ALL! | L'Oreal Color Riche Matte x Project Vanity Lipstick Party


Project Vanity had a little project, so to speak with L'Oreal, which really excited all us ladies! I have never been to a lipstick party before, and man was it a fun way to start May! There are 40 new shades of the Color Riche Matte Lipstick line, so naturally..


loreal swatch party (91 of 109)

By the way, in exchange of testing out the lipsticks and sharing how they were on our instagram, attendees got to bring home 3 of the shades! YAY!

But now I wanted to log this experience in my online diary and I hope that you all join the Project Vanity community on facebook cause they have a lot of fun stuff in there for us beauty enthusiasts!


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Packaging feels really REALLY lux for a 300 (6 dollars?) peso lipstick. It has this leather texture and that gold band with the brand name screams classy, and hindi ka mahihiya na ilagay to sa makeup kit mo or on your flatlays..( you won't get embarrased with this in your makeup kit)

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Another thing I loved with this lipstick is that the manufacturing date is on the lipstick itself, but it blends in to the packaging. Hart Hart!


Ladies, I tried. I tried so hard but I was only able to swatch a fourth of the 40 lippies cause I got in late. Life happens, accidents happen but lipstick is LIFE. Hahaha! My jeep that I was riding on got in an accident, but nobody got hurt so I still carried on and went here in this lovely party that Project Vanity and L'Oreal because that was my goal for the day. :D

Anyway here are a variety of reds and nudes that I totally fell in love with..

loreal swatch party swatches2

loreal swatch party swatches1

Yes, same Mont Blanc from the Rouge Magique Line (read here) but I have to say that this one is a tad bit darker than the latter. :D

  • The lipsticks all come off stunningly in one swipe, they all delivered pigment well
  • no tugging (due to it having jojoba oil possibly)
  • can withstand pizza and still look fab
  • There is transfer as it is a classic bullet lipstick but it doesn't transfer too much. You can live without lip liner with this :D

swatches face

swatch party

loreal swatch party (78 of 109)

The one above is called Peachy Brown, which is the only lipstick in the bunch (that I have swatched) that seemed to have this little tiny subtle glitters while being a matte lipstick. I guess it makes for a lipstick that has a bit of "healthy look" into it and to not make it look too pale. I love it and I am definitely buying this one for myself cause of the color!

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris and Project Vanity for letting us have this time to ourselves to feel pretty! I hope you continue rocking on and giving us ladies affordable and quality beauty!

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Wearing Ruby D' Ourve

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