Does It Deliver? | Ladouce Tampons Review

happy days 2nd box (1 of 16) So I'll just make this one short and sweet. You see, the past month I received a package from Happy Days Club, and included in said package was a tester of sorts from Ladouce Tampons. Never in my life have I tried to use one, and I don't think I will try it if not for the fact that Happy Days sent me one.

Please watch this video for my full review. :)

So What Happened?

I tried to just follow the instructions, but I needed more than just a pamphlet to fully understand what I am about to do and insert in my.. well... you know. Sex is easy because I've been accustomed to it, and all I was thinking to psyche myself up is the point that I've already given birth to 2 kids so what's stopping me from using a tiny, "mini" sized tampon.

I looked up for a video on how to insert the thing in me, and Anne Clutz, my fave youtuber saves the day! She's been raving about the Ladouce tampons anyways, so that's another encouragement for me.

happy days 2nd box (3 of 16)

Tryng it out...

I had to give a couple of "bullets" as sacrifices cause I kinda touched the cotton part, wherein you should not. So aside from that, no issues really. You'll feel some dangling string but when you put on your underthings you totally feel nothing. As I tried it out it can withstand and protect you even if you go swimming so there's that little perk that I liked.

Will I use it again?

Definitely. Only because it really gave me the confidence that nothing will be amiss even if I am on my period. That freedom of mind and body is so important to me, and I think it is what I am paying for whenever I buy a 32- box set of tampons from ladouce. :)

You can get them at their official Lazada stores :) Link Here.

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