Tide over the RED DAYS in a Breeze with HAPPY DAYS CLUB

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Probably most ladies are in agreement when I say that our red days can make us pretty cranky with all the hormonal changes, mood swings and the pain of cramping. Which, from my experience, can sometimes be as painful as actually going into labor and giving birth, and that's saying something for how strong we are. So when I heard about Happy Days Club, a PMS subscription box that's being launched here in the PH, I was pretty stoked!

What is Happy Days Club?

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Happy Days Club is a surprise box curated to a lady's needs and possible wants while on her period. They officially launched last week, and as I got my box while on my 4th day, all I can think of is:

WOW! Finally I have another stash of chocolates and cookies to tide me over this menstrual cramps. YASSS!

What I liked the most though when I opened the box is the nail polish, cause I have this habit of watching Cristine of Simply Nailogical while on my period because of how witty and sarcastic she is, but mostly due of the nail peel porn that she does. It's quite therapeutic, and since what they sent me is this peel off nail polish, I'm excited to try it out for myself!
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I also love tea, and this is one flavor that I haven't tried which got me intrigued as I usually go for the earl grey or Starbucks Hibiscus. The irony and sarcasm that goes with this tea being in the flavor of Four Red Fruits is not lost on me. And yes, when on my period I sometimes make war to jobert and this is a nice reminder to just stay calm.

PS: The smell of this tea is SO INTOXICATING! I have a new favorite! :)

What is in this box?

Currently, Happy Days Club is out sending trial boxes, but by April 2018 they’ll be shipping awesome premium ones!

A Premium Hip and Hearty box consists of:
  • 5 snacks for our cravings
  • feminine essentials
  • 2 pampering items for comfort
  • 2 beauty items
  • 1-2 bath and body items
  • and a couple of surprises!
And they also have a basic Handy Box on hand, consisting of:
  • 3 snacks for our cravings
  • feminine essentials
  • 2 pampering items for comfort
  • 1 beauty item
  • 1 bath and body item
Best part is that they have these on free shipping, and for the Premium box you get at least 2000Php worth of products!

Happy Days Club is not just for the gals, GUYS! It is also a great gift for your Mom, Sister, bestie, Girlfriend or wife!

To all the guys and gals out there, the best thing that I see with this box is that it is great as a gift not just for you but for your mom, sister, girlfriend or bestie as well. I'm sure a surprise like the Happy Days Club PMS Box every month is a great gift that will make one smile.

Get discounts on your Happy Days box! Just type in CHICMIX when you check out... 

Or click here if you're getting the HANDY BOX Or the HIP AND HEARTY BOX :D

PS: They're raffling off a premium box every month when you join their mailing list! Check them out here!

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  1. oh wow! this is cute! Does the content change every month? I mean, if its me my cravings can get very wild sometimes. So if I get something new every month it could lessen my "hmmmm anong masarap kainin" moment. Sometimes its hard to pinpoint what you are craving for before Aunt Flow arrives. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it actually does. Before you get to order you will be answering a couple of questions so that Happy Days Club can curate a customized box for you :)

  2. I'm a big fan of mystery boxes from the USA,so it's nice to see we have one of our own :) would you say the contents are worth the price though? Or is it well curated? What is the value of the contents of the box that you got? Maybe I should try it out too :)

  3. Perfect box to ward away the PMS woes.. Hirap kasi maging babae. Lolz

  4. Wow, I find this Happy Days club box interesting. A well packed items, which every women deserves to receive during their red period. I actually haven't heard about it, and I got amazed while reading your post. The twinings tea is actually my favorite as well, and I always have it every morning in the office, before I start working, the smell is really intoxicating.

  5. This is such a great gift idea! It's something I think every woman would appreciate getting. Maybe they will have menopausal boxes as well? lol! I like the nail polish idea because it's a;so a reminder to not let your period get the best of you.

  6. Yey !!!
    Sana mapili ako para sa sister ko na my pms and dismenoria ..��

  7. I joined your giveaway when I heard about it and this is really good! It's like a subscription box for people undergoing PMS and truly, it's a lovely treat. At some point, I would want to avail it also. My favorite stuff is the chocolates and also the nail polish! Truly, anyone who gets it will get relieved of their insomnia.

  8. Props to the person who thought of coming out with this product! It sure is a great treat for the ladies during that challenging time of the month when we all could use some treats and pampering. I sure won't mind receiving a box or two during my red flag days!

  9. Love it! Craving for sweets pg may PMS hehe 😊