What is Sexy for Erich Gonzales? | mySlim and Its New Ambassador

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Just last week, Erich Gonzales was introduced as the new mySlim Ambassador in Seda Vertis North. She and mySlim had quite a similar journey in life, starting out small and proving themselves worthy. And it's no brainer as to why Erich was chosen to be the next mySlim Ambassador as she is quite the enigma, with the perfect #BodyGoals and such a sweet and good heart.

mySlim is a brand that came from a little-known company that simply proved too good a product to stay obscure.  The bottom line: mySlim works, the brand’s staying power, loyal customers, and the bevy of beautiful brand endorsers who have represented the brand over the years are proof positive.

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Erich Gonzales has enjoyed the success that she has while remaining true to herself.  She has never had a gimmick or played an angle.  Her breakthrough TV role on the sleeper hit Katorse was more about her skills as a thespian than about her undeniable good looks, as was her first hit movie, the acclaimed indie film Paano Ko Sasabihin?  At 27, Erich is already a showbiz veteran who has enjoyed a long and fruitful career, a career based on substance, despite her obviously considerable style.             

Erich Gonzales has never had a gimmick or played an angle- her career is based on substance much like how she looks sexy BECAUSE she is FIT.

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Erich pointed out that confidence is the key to being sexy and that "...For me, a healthy lifestyle ( is what can make a woman beautiful and sexy). Health comes first." And so, you need not do diets that can make you feel bad about yourself, what really matters is balance with what you eat and exercise. Of course a bit of help from mySlim will make things faster and give a better result.
Most people consider fit synonymous to sexy, but while the two do seem to overlap, these are two very different things.  Sexiness is mostly about aesthetics, whereas fitness is about good health and well being.  Those who look sexy are not necessarily fit, but those who are truly fit, are always as sexy as they can possibly be.  mySlim has always been about achieving true sexiness through fitness.

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Grabe. Super sweet niya on and off cam, and #Goals talaga siya! <3

With Erich Gonzales as their new ambassador, mySlim cements its stand of encouraging women to see beyond weight loss regimens, fad diets, and even expensive and often dangerous aesthetic interventions. According to Erick Armigos, brand architect of Vida Nutri-Science, makers of mySlim, “In a country that consistently ranks among the best in the world in Gender Equality, especially in the work place, the sexy Filipina is one who embodies what it is to have self-worth and who takes care of her body for the sake of health and fitness, and not just to look sexy.”
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Vida Nutriscience, made sure that their product was designed using the best, safest, and most effective ingredients that will complement a healthy lifestyle.  MySlim contains Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose which are potent ingredients that help you burn unhealthy fat and sustain a healthy lifestyle. 
Personally, I've had friends who used this to jumpstart their journey to being fit and having a bonus of getting that #bodyGoal. I'm excited to try mySlim out for myself but I know that I have to also help myself mych like how mySlim will help me by exercising at the very least.

Watch out for my next blogpost on an update of me using mySlim later on after a couple of weeks, ayt? :)


  1. Which makes me want to try MySlim. I find my self gaining weight ever since I gave birth to my fourth. I know I have no right to diet or cut my eating as I am nursing two boys, but looking at my reflection on the mirror would want me to at least cut on rice.

  2. I tried mySlim and found the ready to drink more bottle. The capsules that suppress appetite has an effect I'm not comfortable with. I do admire however Erich and her outlook. She seems to be a positive ambassador and focuses on the overall aspect of being healthy and not just the physical.