Lunch Breaks Easier and More Enjoyable with Honestbee

Honestbee is a food delivery app, which is usually used for bringing groceries and the like. But did you know that aside from that they also deliver ready to eat food on to your doorstep or office? This is actually pretty nice because I remember the long lines and walkathons that consume my lunchbreak that could've been dedicated to more socializing and actual eating. Besides, who has time for said lines at the nearest convenience store when you're really.. REALLY hangry? Yeah? :D
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Another good thing about this is that we can always discover new food to try, without the hassle of actually going to the resto, or if you're tired of the restaurants around your office, Honestbee can let you explore and try something new.


Honestly, I saw through other blogs that I follow, and what made me realize their food delivery services is the point that they deliver Sn'R. And because I usually crave pizza but they're quite far from my place, this really helps me out a lot, and made me discover new eats in the process. The application itself is pretty organized which makes the restaurants you want to order from easy to find. Finding food for the office or home is quick because there’s a category specifically for food for sharing. It’s also handy that each restaurant has an estimated time of delivery so that customers have an idea of when their food will arrive.

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