Amp Up your Personal Sense of Style with the new JFK Fragrances

jfk perfume (7 of 25) copy In life, what we can smell can evoke a lot of memories, be it pleasant or not. The smell of fried chicken may bring you to a childhood where your mom and dad gave them to you as pasalubong. The smell of roses or jasmine may bring you to the times your husband was still courting you. There seems to be a strong connection between fragrances and memory, don't you agree?

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I'm quite particular with choosing perfumes for myself, as I have quite a sensitive nose. I like flowery but not overly sweet scents on myself, but the problem with most fragrances that I have is that they don't last long enough.

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A couple of days ago I was introduced to JFK Fragrances which is an American inspired fragrance company that envisions to be the leader in the personal fragrance market in the next five years. It’s essential oils are sourced from the very best supplier in Europe. Each product is carefully crafted and blended to delight customers.
We had a fragrance party of sorts, where we were introduced to 4 of their newest- Enchante' and Sophistique for the ladies; Tux and Aqua for the men.

What sets JFK Fragrances apart?

 JFK Fragrances are actually Eau De Parfum meaning it has 20% fragrance oil content unlike the usual fragrances in the PH where they are Eau de Toilette which only has 10%. EDPs last longer on us. The smell also develops after some time, depending on your skin chemistry. You must try a perfume before making it your signature scent.

JFK Fragrances: 

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Enchante speaks to me as something flowery with a twist of spice at the end, but it is a really subtle one. I personally like this so much that whenever there's a special occasion I like to use it on myself. And I rarely use perfumes, but I find myself reaching for this bottle because it somehow evokes a sweet girl aura for me. Sa tagalog... Ang amoy ng mga mababait. :p

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Sophistique on the other hand is the one for Divas, and it's got a similar flavor to something from Chanel no.5 . It evokes a seductive an passionate scent with woody tones.

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Tux is the counterpart to Sophistique, as the smell depicts masculinity with its woody and musky tones. When I encountered a sniff of this, I immediately thought that this might be what Christian Grey or Carlisle(my vamp crush in twilight. Wag kayong ano. HAHAHAHA Carlisle is hart!) would smell like. A sort of quiet power, and the longer it stays on you, you will be reminded of a smiliar fragrance which is Hugo Boss.

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Aqua smells fresh and clean, much like David off Cool Water. Or Bvgari Aqua that's been given a twist of some spice in the end tones. I love scents like these on guys, as they really make my head spin for some reason. :)

And yes, Jobert loves Aqua too just because I get really turned on when he wears it. It complements his skin chemistry really nicely, even if he's sweaty. :D

JFK Fragrances sell for about 999 Pesos, with each bottle having 60ml of product. The introductory price is PHP 999 and they now sell on Facebook and an official shop on Shopee.

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