My Slice of February 2018 | Life Lately

So I've decided to do a monthly update on what's happening in my life. The twist being...

I start things off with a pizza flavor that I really like. And ate at that same month. Because

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Pizza is LIFE. *insert Simply Nailogical "Bheeeeiiiiiin" voice*

This is the Sn'R Cream Cheese Pepperoni Pizza. delving into this one is so addicting, I think I had a slice of this for around 2 weeks. HAHAHAHA cream cheese and mozzarella is so generous and the dough of Sn'R is perfect, as usual!

Okay, now that this intro is over, here's my slice for February 2018!

And just like how cheesy my pizza is, Jobert got me a little something for the V-Day, a makeup Boquet! YAY for FOOD and MAKEUP!

makeup boquet

You can check out my reactions here in youtube!

I also got myself a color at Mary Pauline Salon in Las Pinas. From bleached reddish brown hair that honestly looked like some sort of walis tambo (broom), I went to blue black. Currently though it's more of a dark brown because the black is fading again everytime I shower. Eh ang init lately. :d 

collage 1

collage food

This February I also frequented Ka Tony's Bar and Grill which is this restaurant just a couple of blocks away from us. Quick fixes for isaw, chicken wings or tapsilog are my usual combos here. Also got to try and cook pork binagoongan twice this month. My first time I cooked from scratch, the one above I used leftover liempo from Andoks. Both tasted pretty good, I'll be sharing with you the recipe for a foolproof Binagoongan soon :D

collage 3

My takeaways for February though is that I found that I am more happy with the way I am currently living, me being more focused on the kiddos and my family, and reuniting with old friends. I kinda got sidetracked last year and was unable to balance blogging and my family time, and I am now definitely rectifying that. :)

Ikaw, how's your slice? :)


  1. Cute family! Tangina ang haba pala ng hair mo... Literally 😮😮😮

    1. HAHAHAHA ang lutong naman pre! alam mo kahit pinatrim ko lang yan ang gaan sa feeling parang nagpa short hair pa rin ako coz so haba hahaha

  2. Sarap naman nung pizza, balita ko meron ng SNR pizza dito sa Marikina. matry nga baka humaba din ang buhok ko. :D