Bobbie Cosmetics Retractable Eyebrow Pencil with Brush Review

If you're looking for an affordable starter eyebrow pencil for your kit, the Bobbie Cosmetics Retractable Eyebrow Pencil with Brush is the perfect solution. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I think it's time for a review.


The way it is designed is very similar to Etude House's Drawing Eyebrow Pen, but with the usual Bobbie Cosmetics stamp of girly and teen-inspired motif. I like it as it has the product on one end and a spoolie on the other for brushing your hairs before the actual filling in of brows. The pen is of the triangular shaped type for easier drawing of the brows and does not feel flimsy at all.


Above you'll see how much actual product is there in the pen. I got the shade Medium Brown from my 2nd Happy Days Box, but you can buy this one in Watson's and convenience stores nationwide for a little over 100 pesos. The shade is nice because it has no red undertones, and is dark enough to define my brows.

My only issue with the pen is that you have to be really careful with this one to not expose too much product or it will break. It's creamy, but it does not clump my brows. It's pigmented and easy to glide on, and is a great everyday eyebrow pen. I think there's another shade of this in grey, for those who prefer that color.

Below is a photo of how my eyebrows look before and after applying the product. As you can see, it looks natural, but more defined.

So while I was testing this one out that particular day, I was only gonna go for errands so I only opted for eyeliner and brows, as I don't really wear makeup unless I have somewhere special to go to or I need to get dressed up.. Unfortunately when I got home, I totally forgot I was supposed to be testing these and viola, I took a bath while the eyeliner and eyebrow pen is on.

Here's how it looks after I took a bath... Note that I always pat my face when I dry it with a towel, but there was no transferring of the Bobbie Cosmetics eyebrow pencil to the towel.

So there we have it! It's a nice eyebrow pencil, and is an affordable choice especially for those beginning with makeup. It's also quite foolproof and you can practice your kilay goals with this before you move on to the next level which are pomades or wax. :D I'll definitely buy this after I run out!

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