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Hi everyone! After all the excitement of traveling for the summer (and a whole lot of pending posts behind the curtains of this blog) I'm giving a bit of a break and giving you guys my review of the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow...

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Etude house has been a favorite for most beauty junkies, because of the adorbs (okay maybe it's too sweet for some age groups) packaging and the awesome price tag. I can't believe that it's only now that I got to try these babies, and I wish I did it sooner. Ah well... On to the REVIEW!


Etude House has lots of eyebrow products, but this one is the twist-pen type, no need for sharpening unlike my other eyeliner pencil. It's a plastic packaging that felt a bit flimsy to me, and a plus is the fact that it's not super glossy so no fingerprints all over the pen.

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It's also got a brow brush that's pretty easy on the skin at the other end, and is decent enough for taming "the wild ones". ;)

Swatches, Variants and Longevity:

I got a couple of these, in Grey and Dark Brown. I purchased these from Althea a couple of months back...  I like how this one resembles the Shu Uemura Hard9 pencil, with regards to the chiseled bullet here.

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Here are the swatches. Upper is for the grey one, the lower is for the dark brown. With me having quite the bushy brows, both colors almost the same when I fill in my brows lightly.

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The great thing here is that unlike my Snoe eyebrow pencil, this one doesn't clump up my brow hairs in one place. The sad thing with this though is it's way easy to break, and I broke the grey one while I was taking photos of this thing. So please be very careful and use it lightly. Don't worry cause for sure you can build up the color with this baby.


In terms of longevity, it can last around 3 hours max. Yes, it is pretty water resistant but with sweat or the oils in our face, it fades a bit overtime..


Price and where to get:

You can get this at Etude House stores in different malls nationwide, for around 178.00 Php a pop. I got mine at Althea for 35 points, but the last time I checked they were selling these babies for 168.00 Php. Still a great discount especially when you're buying other stuff there in that site. :)


I'd give this one 3.7 out of 5 eyebrows on fleek cause it is pretty user friendly, on an acceptable price range and has cute packaging. Unfortunately, with the sweats and whatnot that we're having in this summer weather here in Manila, I'm not sure the longevity is up to par. Especially when on a commute. You'll have to reapply if you're like me who sweats a goddamn lot whenever I wear makeup... Would I repurchase?

Probably as a gift for my sister. :) Or when I want another decent eyebrow brush :D


  1. I love eyebrows and to make them very strong. You made them look very natural. The eyebrow pencils look pretty ook though! My favorites are Chanel eyebrow pencil and Mac Cosmetics, fling. Do you know them ?

  2. Hi Sabine! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! yes, I do know of those products, but those are the higher end products which I can't really afford. hahaha! Okay, so I can afford them, but I have priorities when splurging my money, and it would always be on the cookies that I bake for my kids. Or food. :D I do love make up, but I have seen so many awesome drugstore/department store brands that are at par with Mac and Chanel so it's what I use at the moment :)

  3. It looks very natural on you. I also like the fact that it is affordable and have a brush on the other side. I think I can also try that coz I am looking for an alternative eyebrow pencil.

  4. Thank you for making a review of this brow pencil. I'm considering on whether to purchase an automatic brow pencil or a brow mascara. I learned from you that automatic brow pencils are not only delicate, but also may not last long with this summer heat. Thanks to you I think I'll stick with a hard brow pencil and a brow mascara to shape my eyebrows for this summer since I'm not blessed with thick brows. It looks au naturale and good in you by the way. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I've been looking for a good eye brow liner, but what I really need is someone to teach me how to do mine! I am so clueless when it comes to these things. Haha! But I guess for experimenting purposes, I could try this since it's so affordable! Plus it comes with a brush so that's pretty convenient!

  6. firsttimetravel22 April 2016 at 07:17

    I like Etude House. Somehow, their products doesn't seem to have some adverse reactions on my skin. Especially their lipsticks. I have used their eyeliner. I tried other brands but I seem "hiyang" to their products. I like how your brows appear naturally. I might try this eyebrow pencil. :-) -Claire Algarme

  7. I had such a struggle to find something good for my eyebrows. Eventually i figured out dark brown eye shadow works the best. These pencils seem really okay, and the good thing is that they're small and practical so they can fit easily in any purse because they need to be reapplied. Although applying over and over again can be annoying lol

  8. Im an eyebrow junkie just to find the perfect shade for my browse. Thanks for this post. I might consider buying one. I also have the Etude house Easy Brow Pencil. It's great too. Btw., that shade you reviewed really looks good to you. So natural and pretty