The NIX Stop: Chasing the Sunrise to Yangbew and Beyond


Life is like a Morning Hike. Especially when you've targeted a certain time, say sunrise of 5:45 am, to reach the top. You'll have lots of obstacles, and the trail will have steep steps, muddy, or in the case of Mt. Yangbew, dusty paths. IT WILL NOT BE EASY. But just like having a goal in life, having focus and determination will get you there.

midway through the mountain trail and looking back

And yes, while I didn't get to the peak on time(late for around 5-10 minutes), I enjoyed the sights on the way up the summit of Mt. Yangbew. It is always important to stop and take a breather after all, and take each step of your journey in stride. Appreciate the sights, the way the sunlight creeps onto the mountain peaks.


Let your soul feel at one with nature, closing my eyes at some point and appreciating the sounds.

one of the very few patches of actual road

But at the same time, I also looked through the lens so that I may share what I was feeling and my experience on this first hike of mine.

Life is not really easy. You'll always have your ups and downs. And everyone's experience with life differs. So don't believe others when they said that it should have been easy. Because we all have our own way to cope with things.


Even if the Boy and Girl Scouts who conquered this said mountain to set camp on their jamborees may have had an easier time, I was hating myself around 20 minutes into the hike. I was hungry(no breakfast yet XD ), panting, with my lungs on fire and my heart wanting to pop out of my ribcage. Nevertheless, I still tried to adapt. I tried to keep on going, determined that I will make it to my said date with the Yangbew Sunrise.


Although this is my first time to hike, I can say that all the effort me and my roomie Cherry had given to reach the top-from me waking up thinking there was an emergency, only to find out that we're almost leaving, to the deep and heavy breaths that I had to take while climbing said mountain on an empty stomach were all worth it once I got there.

Sun's up by the time I'm very near the top...

Going down the trail.. View is familiar, I think this is the site of "Sitio La Presa" that's famous in Forevermore? #HindiUpdated :3

with my sister at heart Cyrene! :3

Of course, it was also thanks to the awesome Azalea team that they had brought us picnic blankets to lay on the ground and of course, breakfast in the form of Wingardium Longganisa, Eggs-pecto Patronum (scrambled) and Tuna Lovegood sandwich. Pretty magical, yes? ;)

Let me touch Yangbew. Let me touch the clouds.

For guests checked in Azalea Residences Baguio, they offer tour packages,like this, alongside the Artist Villages I have visited the day before for your family or group getaway. Just approach any of their staff, or ask about it when you're contacting their "Tawad Hotline" and they will gladly assist you!

PS: There's an environmental fee of 35 pesos, weather you're on your own or touring with Azalea. Worth every penny I say.

Very Important PS: Please don't forget to leave no trace, except your footprints once you go on hikes like these.  Pick up the trash that you see even if it's not yours and throw in the proper bins. :)


  1. Glad you conquered your first hike. It's a wonderful experience isn't it? To be surrounded by nature, and to see far beyond the horizon... Nice photos, by the way, those were amazing shots.

  2. How much I love hiking! My today's post is actually about it too!

    Must have been hard to go up the mountain on an empty stomach. I know what when I walk or run on empty stomach I can get really dizzy. But the effort was worth it! Well done girl, on top of the world!!!

  3. I love how you're able to connect some life's lessons to the challenge of the climb. It makes the read all the more interesting. It took me a few mountains to finally appreciate the art of climbing. I used to hate it so much that I don't get the pleasure one's have for reaching the summit. Maybe because back then I was so focused on how tired I was and how I just want to get it all over and done with. Now, I climb a mountain in my own pace and I stop to appreciate the view.

    Hopefully someday I'd be able to scale Mt. Yangbew.

  4. I love how you compared life to hiking.. it's so true (and it also reminds me of that old Miley Cyrus' song, "Climb" haha). I usually hate myself during the hike too but breath-taking view makes it all worth it :)

  5. I really love that there are lots of mountains in that area and each of them spectacular in their own way. I haven't been to this but now it is on my list. We recently did Mt. Ulap and Pulag.

  6. Its always fun to get up early and catch the sunrise. I had my first hike experience with my dad. It was awesome. Looking at these Amazing pictures lools like yours was awesome too. Keep it up ...

  7. one of my best relaxation techniques was actually to go on hikes. lots of people think it's difficult. but what's mroe difficult is actually not exercising and feeling your body deteriorate. haha

  8. Beautiful photos! I'm also a nature addict, I'm often outside in the woods during weekends. :) When I read the title of your photos, I had to think twice whether I was about to read an entry on a mountain somewhere in Asia. To my surprise, it's in the Philippines. Apparently, I haven't explored much of our mountains there. Keep sharing your local travels and inspire others to put on their hiking shoes and chase sunrises and sunsets. Cheers! :)

  9. I loveeeeee Sunrise and Sunset!!! and those pictures are really amazing!!!!

    I love reading your first time experience, it's amazing! the next time I come visit Baguio I will try to check in Azalea. :)

  10. THose are some super amazing pictures... I have not really gone on a hike before but am doing mine tomorrow or day after at the Royal Belum Rainforest which I will be sharing soon on my blog of course, but I am really fascinated with your pictures and sceneries... and congrats too for doing it!!

  11. Excited to know of your adventures soon dear! :D please take lots of photos for us to see and enjoy the hike at your pace :D

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  13. Love love love these mountains views! I'm a self-confessed mountain person. I would trade all the fine white sands for the mountains. Hahaha. I particularly love the sunset horizons here. I can't wait for my next climb.

  14. Oh I felt that I am also hiking while reading your post. Awesomely described! The lines - Let me touch Yangbew. Let me touch the clouds. - striking indeed! I want to go to this place too. Hopefully, I can escape from my busy schedule and experience Yangbew.

  15. Great that this was your first hike. Exciting! I love going for a hike. And you're right : life isn't easy. Yeah, everyone will deal in his own way with ups and downs. The patch of actual road looks so beautiful. I love all of the pictures, awesome hike!

  16. With such amazing view, I'd say 35php is a small price to pay! I'd say it's super worth it! Nothing beats the beauty and nature talaga. Reconnecting with nature is always worth it :)

  17. Congrats on your first hike! Wow! Looks like you had tons of fun! And how cute are the names of your breakfast. The azalea team must be really caring and loving of their guests. Would surely recommend this!