Streamline Sports Instruction : Save a life with a One Hour Swim Class

Beacuse it's unusually too HOT these days, *CURSE YOU GLOBAL WARMING!* sometimes, all I really want to do is to get in a bathtub of cool water, or under the showers and just stay there all day long.

Or better yet, cool off with a purpose: A.K.A. get swimming classes!

I never did get the chance to go to a formal class, though I really tried to learn at least floating for the sake of my life. Because BIG and HIGH swimming pool slides really rock. Unfortunately, after coaching from friends who know how to swim, I still couldn't get what the hell am I doing wrong. I would be listening attentively, spending so much energy kicking and trying to swim, but I barely understood anything.

Streamline media event
I guess it was fate who took pity on my situation and I got introduced to Streamline Sports Instruction. What's special about them is the fact that they teach the EFFICIENT way to swim- the type of swimming that lets your body flow with the water, and not rely on propulsion to move.

Who are these guys you ask?

Adult session

Streamline Sports Instruction was established in 2014 as a swim coaching business with an expanding interest in triathlon coaching and multi-sport events. Streamline currently provides high quality swim instruction at venues around the Makati, Pasig, Quezon City, and Taguig area.

SSI caters to people of all ages - from infants under 1 year old to adults in their 70s, and of all skill levels - from those who would only like to conquer their fear of the water, to those who participate or compete in swimming and multisport events.


The methodologies of world-renowned swimming institutions such as Total Immersion, and World Aquatic Baby Convention have also been adopted and integrated into the curriculum of the Streamline Sports Instruction swimming program. If you’re looking for quality instruction and a genuine commitment to help you or your child learn one of life’s most enjoyable yet vital skills, you’ve come to the right place!

As I was saying- an efficient way to swim. Why?

  • They make it a point to let one be more relaxed in the water

  • to identify the water as a friend that you have to flow with and

  • be more aware of the body while in the water.

With these three ideas in mind, you can easily correct what you might be doing wrong and easily correct and practice some more, before moving on the next form. In the 1 hour trial session that I had, I got to learn how to swim and got my confidence in the water. Just imagine how much more I will improve though when I take their full classes! Now, whenever I will take that slide, I am sure that I am capable of taking care of myself, unlike before where I had to be assured that either a lifeguard or my husband will be there in case of emergencies. (preferably the latter though. ;) )

Anyone can do it

Fun in the sun

Whether you’re an athlete, a pregnant mom, or just someone who wants to start a regular exercise, swimming is a great workout as it helps enhance your cardiovascular fitness with very minimal risk of injury.

And when I say Anyone, I mean anyone, even your kids and toddlers! This is because Streamline Sports Instruction also has this comprehensive classes designed for toddlers and kids, up to preteens!

First Swim: Infants and Toddlers (ages 1 to 4 years)


The coaches use a learn-through play, non-traumatic approach where they sing songs, play games, and use toys for the children to have fun and for them to have an enjoyable experience. The 30 minute classes aim to teach the following water safety and familiarization skills of Buoyancy,dipping their head in the water and holding their breath when submerged, going in and out of the pool safely and diving and floating on their backs.

Toddlers swimming

The Aquanauts: Learn to Swim/Advanced Kids

Teens session

Breath control, buoyancy and propulsion are what the kids will learn first. Once these safety and familiarization skills are covered, learning the four strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly) comes much more easily. The Aquanauts Program consists of the following levels:


  • Starfish: Water Safety Skills like relaxed breathing, proper posture in the water and dipping head in the water

  • Beaver: Propulsion in the Water through flutter kicks, floating on back while kicking, rotation, gliding, and propulsion

  • Guppy: Intro to the Long Axis Strokes (basic freestyle and backstroke)

  • Shark: Long Axis Stroke Refinement

  • Dolphin: Intro to the Short Axis Strokes (breast stroke and butterfly)


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]thingy-8608 Coach Alex on the left, also known as the Kid Whisperer :3 and Coach Noy on the right who handled my issues with balance and floating properly really well.[/caption]

“Swimming is for everyone. You can learn at any age and still be good at it, with the right teaching approach,” shares Noy Basa, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Streamline Sports Instruction. “We believe in the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle through sports and learning how to swim is a step towards that direction,” ends Basa.

Hence when this year's summer started, I was determined to give my children a chance to learn said sport, because I believe that swimming can not just save their lives but a whole lot more.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]13072943_10207341424266895_1444389864_o With Coach Alvin. He alongside Coach Noy are the ones handling the adult classes[/caption]

Go on, grab your goggles, and take a lap with Streamline Sports Instruction!

For more information, you can check out the Streamline Sports Instruction Facebook page.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! It's nice to know that there are more and more swimming schools that offer their services not just for kids but even for adults as well. Swimming after all, is a basic survival/life skill right? :) Will recommend to my friends!

  2. Nice to know another option for taking swimming lessons. Swimming is an essential life skill and let's face it. It is one of the best ways to exercise!