Get Some Love and Color for your hair at The Color Bar

Go BOLD or Go HOME! This is my usual motto when I decide to color my hair. I always go for the crazy colors because I feel more confident in them for some reason. And this is probably also why the hair industry is booming.

Recently, I found the perfect place for us people who want to feel refreshed and have more color in our lives- The Color Bar by @stylingByJOF. They specialize in hair coloring and hair repairs for botched color. Jof came from the states with years of training under his belt at Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego, CA. and had been dealing with blondes, caucasian and other types of hair so... You know those horror stories of you wanting one color, then something unusual happens? They can fix that and more. :D

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Aside from hair repairs though, they offer other premium hair services that is sure to make your crowning glory look and feel its very best.

Why Color Bar?

Because they have this bar upfront when you enter, where they mix their ingredients much like a barista in his turf. You can see what they are using, no secrets and no harmful smells because they have powerful and flexible exhausts much like what you would see in a korean restaurant.


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They also have a VIP Section, fully equipped with a TV, Playstation and netflix so your companion can stay sane while waiting for you to finish your makeover. They also have a food bar where you can order some snacks while having your hair treated so you can be sure you won't go hungry here. Unlimited Coffee, water and Iced Tea is also up for grabs.

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Here are a rundown of their services. I asked Jof, and he said that what is indicated is as is, so you won't have to guess how much your hair will cost with them, unlike other salons that leave me frustrated and guessing with their "starts at..." pricing. :D

The Eco-Friendly Salon

They had their grand launch a while back, and let me tell you right now- this is not your usual salon. The place advocates on Eco-Awareness and uses products from Aveda, Wella and Davines. Aveda and Davines are brands of pro hair care products designed with the environment in mind. Wella is recently joining the cause for saving the environment and theirs specializes in hair care, styling and colorants.

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With the general consensus that putting color may create hair damage, The Color Bar maintains its objective of making sure that hair is taken care of by using various hair-coloring techniques and products as mentioned above. Unlike other commercial salons, The Color Bar's main focus is on hair color, which is why the team is made up of highly trained professionals and experts in the field of hair color and uses only premium products that value the environment.
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JOF maintains that The Color Bar is a salon that delivers premium, eco-friendly and personal service, especially for its clients who always put value on a relaxing trip to the salon. "With the kind of products and services we use, we aim to set the bar higher among salons in the city by delivering unparalleled hair and beauty services that are personalized, high-quality and environmentally responsible."

The Color Bar by @stylingByJOF is a full-service salon located at Rizal Drive, Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio (across The Mind Museum). Learn more about The Color Bar through their website, Facebook( and Instagram (@thecolorbarph). You can call them via 0917-5275387 or 821-8587, or email


  1. Aahhhh! I can relate with getting my hair dyed and not getting the color I was expecting. At the moment, I'm waiting for my hair to grow longer so I can snip off the remaining color at the ends, then have it treated before getting color in again. The Color Bar sounds like my ideal place! It looks cozy and clean, and the staff look very friendly! :)

    1. Yes! I recently got my hair colored in another place and even if it looked good it still wasn't what I expected... So I am gonna come back here to have my hair "repaired" by the pros. And that Netflix VIP area is so great cause I can have my husband or sister wait for me while I do my hair hahaha

  2. Is this where you had your purple hair done? I like the VIP area to be honest. It's pricey, really. But if it will get the job done and help save the environment then it will be okay.