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Travel is now a part of life itself when it comes to millennials and X-ennialls. Of course with each and every generation we all have experienced one or two travel horror story, even with the speed and efficiency of today's tech. Like that time you thought your reserved room in a hotel is ready - only to find that you have been booted out because they are overbooked. Or when you have to pay for your room again even if you have already paid online via credit card through online booking sites like booking.com...

These things may seem trivial to us clients but it is actually something that hoteliers can address better. The solution?

BOOKXPRSS.com - The property management system that is built by hoteliers, for hoteliers.

BookXprss.com is the first filipino owned and Philippine based hotel and property management software that is catered to the pinoy traveler's mentality. It is flexible as you can easily integrate it with your existing 3rd party software to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your property, as well as provide real time information that is essential to their client's business.

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This app/software is cost effective, efficient and you can customize it according to what you want and need.

Some features include the ones below and more:

  • A drop down box for your different properties
  • a calendar which shows which rooms are booked
  • a system that can collate information for your hotel status like which nationalities come more often to your property, or which specific dates are you more susceptible to be fully booked and so on.


Why would a hotel or resort place need this? What is the point of a property management system in the first place?

My sister who works in the Hotel and Restaurant industry explained to me that, sometimes things don't always go according to plan. Especially when it comes to communication between the front office, managerial staff and the housekeeping.

There are the occasional slip ups wherein the front office would approve a room for a client, only to find out that it has not been cleaned yet. Or the cases of double booking. A better system like bookxprss should cater to these problems.

Services include:

  • They offer a 30- day trial period for those interested to see and test their system.

  • 24/7 customer service

  • unlimited storage data

  • no server downtime

  • fast, stable and reliable internet connection for real time, data on demand availability

  • accessible anytime and anywhere through various devices (eg: mobile, tablet, desktop friendly)

So now you can see the flipside of travel and hopefully be more understanding when it comes to our fellow hospitality crew members. They really do give their best but oftentimes the assist and efficiency of automation or AI is what we need in order to have a better stay or mood for our adventures. And with a property management system like Bookxprss.com that is catered to the filipino mentality and is made by hoteliers themselves I believe we can all minimize the happenings of a traveler's worst nightmare.


Check out BookXprss.com here:
+632 808 4338
+632 871 0789
+63 917 954 1304
+63 918 458 3975

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