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Selah Garden Hotel is one of those hole-in-the-wall places that makes you feel transported out of the metro, to say the provinces or another resort. Looking for a staycation and adventure, or a place to do some team building activities? BUT you don't want to go to a 3 hour drive to the provinces? On a tight budget? Staying in Selah Garden Hotel is definitely up your alley!

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I was with a few friends from DB Media to celebrate Lee of ilovepaars' special day, and we were welcomed with refreshments while we waited for our room keys. First thing I noticed is the inviting pool and the garden that they had. Mats are also available for picnics if you want to enjoy the shade that the trees are giving. While Selah Garden Hotel is located in the heart of Pasay, a couple of minutes walk away from EDSA, the lush trees and greenery would make you think you're in another place. Tagaytay perhaps?

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Selah Garden Hotel Rooms and Price

They have different types of room to accommodate every guest. We got their Fantastic Loft which has a couple of beds up the stairs, shower room and toilets plus a sofa with cable TV. The ref was filled with water and a kettle is also available for your coffee. This is perfect for barkada nights or for families.


They have 83 different rooms to fit our needs, from the usual hotel rooms with queen beds to a house suite for up to 14 people, as well as bunk beds at a price of 800 per person with breakfast, perfect for a barkada of 8 to 10 people. Rooms are ranging from 800 per person to 4000+ Php.

  • Flagship Room :
    • Php 3,200/night for two with breakfast, Php 3,800 per night for three with breakfast
  • Cozy Room:
    •  Php 3,800 per night for two with breakfast
  • Fantastic Loft (Where we stayed)
    • Php 5,100 per night for four to five occupants with breakfast
  • Fantabulous Loft:
    • Php 6,700 per night for seven occupants with breakfast
  • Fabulous Suite:
    •  Php 5,900 per night for five to six occupants
  • Stellar Suite:
    •  Php 13,000 per night for ten occupants
  • Bunk Room:
    •  Php 800 per occupant per night, good for four, six or eight occupants
  • Clique Room:
    •  Php 800 per occupant per night, good for ten occupants

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After settling in we had lunch... I have to commend that pinakbet and the fried chicken, it was superb! They also served up some Liempo Negra, which has squid ink why it is so black and charred looking.

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On Team Building Activities and High Ropes

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We did their team building activities (full deets on my IG Stories highlights at @nicolepaler) and while the place is modest, it has 2 zip lines, wall climbing, rappelling and an obstacle course that will definitely rack up your adrenaline, for those who are looking for an adventure in the city. Everything is safe though as they have this double lock protection with the cables that we used, so no worries!

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With Erica of the Girl with the Muji Hat, Cy of , and Karla of Travel with Karla...

Selah Garden Hotel Team Building Price

They have a package for the team building which costs Php 1,500. You have inclusions of an AM and PM Snacks, team building kit with face towel, bag and tumbler plus the use of their function room. This price is for a minimum of 5 peprsons.

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Naranasan mo na ba tumalon mula 4th floor ng walang pa keme? Try Tap Fall, the only activity na pwede magpa fall kahit walang sumalo sayo! Hahahaha 

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Seriously though. I was scared to jump and reach that freaking balloon thing so my jump was not as good, unlike Erika's of the girl with the Muji Hat which was AWESOME cause she really reached for it!

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Karaoke Room

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L-R: Lee, Chris, Joel Andrada and his brother Jem, me, Erica, Mikhaela and Karla

After the thrilling high ropes we did, we had a little more energy and partied with some old school songs at their TLC Room which had Videoke, and ate a satisfying dinner of Lechon kawali, Kare kare and Laing!

food collaage

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Breakfast Buffet Spread

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Their breakfast buffet is also nice, they have an egg station and some classic pinoy food!

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Selah Garden Hotel has lots of really instagrammable spots to take photos of... Kahit simpleng damuhan lang nila is already enough!

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And yes, this has been one of the best birthday parties I got to attend. Loved the pool! And thanks to the wonderful staff of Selah Garden Hotel for being really accommodating! I am so coming back just to perfect that obstacle course. And of course to relax and dip again by the pool soon!

UPDATED November 08, 2011

Check in Selah Garden Hotel via Zenrooms! Use the code ZENCHICMIX to get a 10% Discount on top of the 20% discounted rates in the Zenrooms app! uy ha, 30% off na yan!

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Selah Garden Hotel
2715 Park Ave, Pasay City, Metro Manila
 +632-511-1331/ +632-508-9141 
 0925-511-1331/ 0917-630-0604 


  1. This looks interesting! You got me on pool and picnic. ;) I'd like to check it out also for future team building activities of my clients. Hope they are open to collaborate as well so my family and I try out their facilities before I recommend to my corporate clients.

  2. I want na its here lang in Metro Manila and they have pool and teambuilding facilities. Are they accepting bulk booking for teambuilding?