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Dr Morita Sheet Masks are well known around Taiwan and Hong Kong for their effectivity. And when they finally landed on Philippine Shores last month, I am pretty sure all beauty junkies who can't afford to travel just to get these much raved masks are excited to finally try them here in the Philippines!

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What I currently have is the blue variant, one of their best sellers and has already sold up to 1 Million sheet masks up to date. The thing with this one is the main ingredient for this mask - Hyaluronic Acid, is known to be a protein or a  powerful moisture-binding ingredient that helps keep skin plump and hydrated.

Said ingredient can also be found under our skin and is also used as a temporary filler for the face (like a lip plumper or for the nose) according to the forum on temporary fillers that I attended a while ago.

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Here we have Dr. Chun Hsu Jou, third generation of the brand’s founding family. He mentioned that  their sheet masks already have toner, lotion, and serum. Those with dry skin may apply moisturizing
serum or cream, if so desired. One step skin care for the win!

So how does it perform under our hot and humid Pinoy weather?

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Their main ingredients, the Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen is imported from Japan, and its main functions are:

  • to hydrate the skin with three different sizes of Hyaluronic Acid molecules
  • it also soothes and promotes skin repair with Cucumber Extract, Marine Collagen, Ceramide, and Niacinamide. 
This makes a great anti-aging option for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. But yes, if you have dry skin this is also perfect for you!

Ingredients are also listed at the back of the packaging, and so far for a first try to using this mask, I can say that it did not irritate my skin. I have sensitive skin with a really oily nose and normal oil control all over the face. My makeup also went on smoothly when I applied, and compared to when I will put on moisturizer before makeup, I did not sweat like crazy with this as my base skincare when I went for a commute in the trains.

Also, it is important to follow directions and to not leave the mask on for more than the recommended time. Doing so will result in “reverse osmosis,” leaving your skin drier than the ideal.

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They held a forum on the history of the Morita Brand, and this skin care brand was established in Taiwan in 1934.

The Morita Department Store was a retail operation that specialized in skin care products. After many years of skin care research and development, Dr. Morita took product development further by setting up a research center in Japan. Dr. Morita sheet masks with premium ingredients were developed in this facility in the year 2000, more than a decade before sheet masks were considered trendy! 
Today, Dr. Morita is one brand under the umbrella of Dr. Jou Biotech headquartered in Taiwan. It has offices in Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, with products available in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and now, the Philippines! Partnering with Gentro International Products, Inc., Dr. Morita sheet masks are now widely accessible locally via Watsons and SM Beauty branches.
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They also have other variants like the Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask, which lets you whiten your skin without having to dry it out,  Platinum Colloid and Black Pearl
Extraction Moisturizing and Whitening Black Facial Mask which has a main ingredient of Platinum Colloid’s antioxidant, preventing skin from premature aging and more.

As they partnered with SM Beauty, you can see and buy the Dr. Morita Sheet Masks in Watsons and SM Beauty for only P74.00 each. Dr. Morita products are distributed locally by Gentro International Products, Inc.

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Other Uses of Excess Essence in Sheet Masks?

If you have been using sheet masks, here are some tips on how you can use the excess essence of masks that I learned in the event:

  • Mix it with some purified, mineral or Evian water and put it in a clean spray bottle for an instant hydrating mist much like those popular Aloe Vera Mist.
  • Apply on your neck and elbows, or anywhere you might need extra hydration on your body.
  • Buy those facial mask capsules/bullets and put it in with the excess essence, then let it absorb the essence. You can use this for your next facial mask session or share with a friend!

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