Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review

Being an audiophile myself, there are certain things that I look for in a speaker. Crisp sound, not too much treble or bass, and of course, affordability vs. quality. In comes the Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker. This baby was my speaker of choice for the week. Let's see how it fared!

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth cover

Packaging and Looks

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Tronsmart items is something that I once saw in my friend Marvin of ShopZada blog. While the Element Mega Bluetooth speaker came in my mail a couple of weeks ago, it is only last week that I got to open it up. What's inside the box is:

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  • the Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker
  • an aux cable
  • a Microusb Charging cable
  • user manual and warranty

The device itself is simple and on point, much like their packaging. As I opened and held it though, the thing was slightly heavier for a standard bluetooth speaker. I should have realized that it is way more than your average speaker cause it really packs a punch on performance.

Here's the specs before I delve deeper:

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Battery: 3.7V / 3300mAh x 2
  • Power Supply: 5V / 2.1A
  • Built-in microphone: Yes
  • Power supply type: micro usb
  • Weight: 634 gr
  • Size: 190x80x52 mm
  • Output: 20W x 2
  • Frequency: 115 Hz – 18 KHz
  • Distortion: ≤1.0%
Shaped like a brick, the Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker's up top is basic, with soft touch buttons for volume, forward, reverse and play/pause. While the volume suggests you can "slide" it, I find it a bit delayed so I just usually touch the + or - for my volume preference.

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You'll also find the NFC connecting area on the right side and mode button on the left. The NFC is mostly for those who doesn't have any bluetooth installed in their device. You can activate the NFC function by placing your device on the appropriate NFC icon that you find at the top right.

The Mode Button is for changing between wireless pairing and using the AUX input.

The battery promises 15 hrs. of jamming, but I only usually go up to 6 hours of music especially when doing write ups. So far, I had only charged it once after 3 days of use.

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Power button, charging port and line-in aux port can be found at the back. There’s also a micro-SDHC memory card slot supporting cards up to 64 GB. Connecting is easy, especially when using bluetooth. Just turn on the device and look for the "tronsmart" named bluetooth signal.

You can also use this to answer normal phone calls by the way, as it has a built in mic. Hands free is great with this one!

Price and where to get?

From what I see, you can get yours at Lazada and Shopee official stores for 2,699 Php.


While I am an audiophile, I don't really have much to say about specs and how it works. Just an average lady here who is in love with rock and roll, Pentatonix and OPM. I do know quality crisp sound when I hear it, and I have tested this speaker with my favorite bands. One of them is Pentatonix, which is one of the bands I use when I test a speaker or earphone. The band has a nice, wide mix of trebles and bass, especially when Avi Kaplan was their bass performer. 

I was floored. This speaker can give high quality sound, even at high volumes. The sweet spot though is at 80% volume or lower, where you get loud and still get crisp bass and treble sounds. 

I think it is because it has a 28 core high-fidelity large subwoofer horn (I got that from their shopee shop), and as far as I know, subwoofers are always a good thing. it also has Dual 20W drivers with passive radiator giving impressive stereo sound for full-range listening experience.

Definitely great for outdoors, this speaker, as I said before, packs a punch. No wonder it is a bit heavier than the usual bluetooth speakers.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth (2 of 10)


I am in love with the sound and battery performance of the Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth speaker, and I would give it an 8 out of 10 rating. Definitely a MUST BUY, if you're looking for quality sound. 

While I know that as an outdoor speaker, this can do more, *waterproofing perhaps?* considering the price though of a little less than 50 USD, I would say it is worth it. If this is the sound quality I can expect with Tronsmart, I am excited to see what are the other things that are in store for us!

PS: While the review unit is sent by Tronsmart, all opinions and experiences listed are my own. Pawang katotohanan lamang po. :D

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