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Eat, Game, Sleep and Repeat! Loving this mantra from The Garage in City Of Dreams, Philippines! This is a place for eating, chilling or gaming with their Virtual Reality Games. Let me tour you around ayt?

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The Food Park

There's three types of bars to be found here- a coffee bar, alcohol bar and chocolate bar to satisfy all our cravings.

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But of course there are also our food trucks filled with goodies like pasta, ramen, tacos and every other comfort food you can find. The seats are also akin to a garage themed food park, and the place is well lit. Food is superb! I forgot to take photos though cause I got quite hungry, excuse me. I do promise they're really tasty, especially the pizza and the ramen! There are currently 10 food and beverage trucks and trailers you can find here:

  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
  • Katsu Sora
  • Pink’s Hotdog
  • Little Flour
  • El Chupacabra
  • Pizza Grigliata
  • Farmacy
  • Chocol8
  • The Roaster
  • Juiced

FYI: only eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable plates, utensils and take-out bags are used at The Garage. YAY!

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Here's the chocolate bar, where you can taste the usual and unusual flavors of chocolate. At the opening, they held a couple of games like the chocolate tasting contest and a pizza eating contest. I lost the pizza eating contest, but Ces of Manila Millennial got to taste some of the flavors in the chocolate bar with the contest. Some of the chocolate was flavored champagne, jasmine and chili to name a few!

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Virtual Reality Games!

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There are three available games for the VR Zone, and the place looks so cool cause it looks like a "Ready Player One" or a Star Wars set! I tried out Mario Kart for the first time and got beginner's luck cause I won! <3

The price per game is at 450 Pesos, but I suggest to get the one with a set of 3 games for 1200 pesos so you can try the haunted hospital ride too! If you're with a group, you can avail the 1600 php nett for a group of four persons playing either Hospital Escape Terror or Mario Kart GP VR. I hear that the hospital escape was a lot of thrills and I wasn't able to try it cause the line was SO LONG. Looks like a really good game to me if people are going for it again and again!
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So, are you pumped up and ready to go racing, skiing or have some thrills and scares? What will you try first? The food or the Virtual Reality Games? Taralets bring the barkada here at The Garage in City of Dreams now! :D

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