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Technology nowadays is ever advancing, and the trends of cosmetology are currently into the Temporary Fillers. These things are non- invasive and are said to adapt and merge into the body, with the intent of doing something minimal for effective results. Ever notice your favorite actor,
actress  or kapitbahay who looks like they have not aged a day? I'll bet you the million pesos jackpot from lotto that they had done something but are not willing to share.

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If you are curious with trying to adjust your nose or cheeks into something you have always desired- without the invasive treatments, read on to see some Facts about Temporary Fillers. These are what I have seen and learned at the recently concluded Merz Aesthetics Beauty Forum on Temporary Fillers for the Face.

Merz is one of the trusted leaders in the field of aestheics medicine, and they have been in the industry for a century already, with their headquarters based in Germany.
Merz Aesthetics brought the popular aesthetic treatment Ultherapy to the Philippines, and it is a US FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that is proven to lift the brows, cheeks, chin, among other uses.

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But that night we were joined by  Dr. Wilson Ho, Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, Dr. Gio Dimayuga, and Dr. Gerald Sy, who cleared up some facts on temporary beauty fillers and how you can make things look au naturele and age gracefully. They are all from the Philippine Dermatological Society and so they have the proper knowledge and experience for this. Wer're in good hands. *wink wink!#

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Get a Trusted Professional for your Dermal Filler Treatments

This is a common misconception faced today. The doctors in the forum stressed that it is crucial to note that only doctors can administer dermal fillers as it is a medical procedure. Dr. Gerald Sy, the Vice President of Internal Affairs of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc. highlights, “It is highly essential that prospective patients only look for experienced doctors who boast of several years in the aesthetics industry for their treatments. This is how we can avoid the ‘horror stories’ that result from procedures such as the overfilled syndrome.” We can see that one is a trusted Doctor by doing research. A good start is if the person is a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society. 

Get the PROPER Filler - NOT ALL are Safe!

“Only certain fillers for certain parts of the face have been approved by the FDA – so any type of filler in the market cannot be just used on your face,” states Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas, resident expert at St. Luke’s Medical Centre Bonifacio Global City and various clinics in Metro Manila. For safety reasons, the FDA recognition for fillers is an essential factor when deciding to opt for dermal fillers. Different types that are approved are the the HA, CaHA, permanent and non-permanent ones. HA filler is the commonly used filler by medical practitioners, but it is essential to get a trusted doctor as they are the only ones who can point the best for you or the patient as it is a case to case basis.

 Getting Fillers Don't Hurt at All

Ms. Agoo Bengzon, a beauty editor, has had temporary fillers done on her face, as well as the doctors we have encountered above. They all claim that it does not hurt a bit, all you will feel is a bit of pressure and after the procedure, you are done! You can get back to your normal routine without any downtime at all.

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“I have always seen myself as someone beautiful, but there are those days. I never wanted to change how I look but rather, I only wanted to accentuate the beauty that I already have. With Merz and the minimally invasive treatments they offer, I felt more empowered to make the decision of having fillers injected on me,” shared Agoo Bengzon, beauty editor.
Personally, I think these temporary fillers, when done in minimal amounts and with a professional doctor, are the real "fountain of youth" solution that we can attain. And these are not as expensive as you think! A treatment can range with the price of the latest iPhone, and you will definitely get what you pay for, so if you want to get your happiness in one shot without any trouble, I suggest you go to a trusted Medic or Doctor who can help you see what filler is best for you!

About Merz
Since creating one of the first anti-wrinkle moisturizing creams in 1953, Merz has been a driver of innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine. They are a global, family-owned aesthetics and neurotoxin company backed by 110 years of trust and commitment.
Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Merz is present globally with approximately 3,000 employees worldwide. At Merz Aesthetics, they are truly passionate about aesthetics. To them, aesthetics is more than just better looks. It is about feeling better and eventually living a better life. Merz recognize no two patients are alike. Each patient is living their individual life and has their own kind of beautiful. 
Building on more than a century of healthcare experience, Merz believe in the power of innovation founded on trusted, long-term relationships. They are committed to provide patients the best treatment experience possible while creating sustainable value for their customers.
Merz is extremely proud to offer a portfolio of trusted aesthetic products, renowned by practitioners and patients around the world. However, they are much more than their products: The supporting solutions they provide, the training and education measures and a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine make Merz Aesthetics stand out.

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