Hi MNL Events Club Launches MNL Hip Hop Festival

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival (8 of 20)

Hi MNL is this firey, energetic, rooftop events place for drinks and clubbing located in Bicutan Taguig. It is actually perched atop City Park Hotel Manila. Got the chance to visit with my husband last week and I must say, although the place is modest, the lounge areas are artistic and cool. The DJs here really know how to get that party started!

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival (3 of 20)

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival (4 of 20)

This is where they premiered the music video of Pisi. The music video is about a relationship, a partnership that used to have a lot of passion, trust and love but somehow that flame faded. 

Ika nga, naubos ang pisi ng pagmamahalan nila. 

Even me, who has a husband and everything once experienced this. The song is quite relatable and the lyrics hits close to the heart.

Listen to PISI here:

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival (6 of 20)

MNL Hip Hop Festival 

Alongside that is the announcement of the first MNL Hiphop Festival in the country - happening at Circuit Makati Concert Grounds on November 30 from 2PM to 2AM. If hip hop is your thing, it definitely is a great place to go to as we can all support local artists! From what I gathered, 30 local hiphop masters including Loonie and Al James will be performing in the “Hiphop Nation”.

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival (19 of 20)

ApoDrop Productions presents this event and they have the goal of showing the young ones to what hip hop can give them which is expression. Hip hop, after all, is a musical freestyle form of poetry in my opinion and this is a great concert and gathering of sorts because it will be promoting Pinoy culture and arts.

Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival 2

Here's where you can get your tickets to the show.

To know the latest happenings at Hi MNL Events Club, you can check them out here. I can totally see myself hosting a party or two here, as it has a nice cityscape to look out for. Hi MNL MNL Hip Hop Festival 1

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