The NIX Stop: Be at your Greatest Comfort at BGC Hostel and Dorm


Traveling, and looking for a GREAT place to stay need not be expensive. There's this one hostel though, that took the cake on the #1 spot on my personal list for affordable, quality and awesome place to stay  here in the Metro.

So to all my, and your relatives or friends who are looking for a place to call their 'home' here, be it a night or a month, I introduce to you, BGC Hostel and Dorm.

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Located along EDSA (A.K.A. 'Forever heavy traffic' ) corner Kalayaan Ave., this hip, cute and colorful hostel is pretty easy to locate. You can walk from Buendia MRT station to here(around 10 minutes to 15, depending on your pace), and you'll have no headaches explaining to manong Uber driver where the heck is this place. It's 20 steps away from said EDSA highway, and a few minutes ride away from BGC in Taguig, or Greenbelt and Glorietta Makati. Very convenient location wouldn't you say? :D

PichiJelly_BGCMakati-0550 Credits to Momma Lee for this Photo!

The common rooms are very homey, taking into consideration the awesome places here in Manila and around our beloved country. Quite 'instagramable', I must say.




The price for a stay here goes for 499.00 Php(10.61 USD) per bed/person for a night. As it is a hostel, you will be hanging out with other fellow travelers. Fret not though, as they thought of our privacy and have curtains for every bed bunk, and a socket for charging your powerbanks and phones, plus a lamp for reading your favorite book.


They have 2 common showers in every room, plus a toilet. You don't have to go out the room itself if you need a 'human' moment. Also, they have lockers in the room for a safe place your belongings. #ForTheWin!

The staff are very accommodating and friendly too. Pinoy hospitality at it's best is served here with a smile. They have decent wifi, a common kitchen on the first floor, and an internet shop too. If you get hungry, there is an affordable restaurant beside BGC Hostel and Dorm's entrance, as well as Burger Machine by the end of the street and Mercury Drug as well as Petron Gas station Convenience store for your needs.

So yeah, they really take the cake for a calming and comfortable and cheap place to stay here in Metro Manila.

BGC Hostel and Dorm

2855 Danlig St. EDSA-Kalayaan Ave.



  1. It seems to me that the concept of hostel is becoming more popular nowadays, isn't it? I seem to see a new one every now and then as I surf the blogging world. Perhaps it is due to the booming economy and the higher arrivals of tourists in the country. And while many people in the city are going for weekend getaways, I am sure that these hostels provide a reasonable way for people in the provinces to come see the big city.

  2. If hostels like these are sprouting out throughout the country, that may be the sign that our tourism is getting an increase of rate that it deserves. As one of the people who are looking forward to a booming business like this one, I needed information as much as I can.

  3. I have yet to see our other provinces, and I really really hope that they carry over this concept of making hostels fun to look at and be very homey too. :D I tried to stay at a hostel once in Bicol and it was a sad story. Really sad.

  4. What a lovely place!!! :D Will definitely look into this place when I need a place to stay. Looks cozy plus the price per night is great! :D :D

  5. This is indeed a convenient place to stay in. If I was a foreigner, I would have probably stayed here too. I love their beds as it offers privacy. By the way, how does their kitchen look like? And do they offer lockers for travelers to keep their valuable stuff?

  6. They have vaults in the rooms, and vaults in the front office/reception area for our more valuable things :D