Celeteque Dual CC Powder in Beige Review

Hi! So the real truth why I have been MIA with makeup posts recently is because I got too depressed with the now sorry state of my make up collection. I'll post the sob story in another article, but I wanted to try and cheer myself up so I'm posting my verdict on the Celeteque Dual CC powder in Beige for you guys!


The Nitty Gritty:

Usually when I hear CC in the world of makeup, I assume that it comes in liquid/cream form, so this is a first for me. The package claims are:

Caress your face with ample coverage of a 12-hour matte finish powder that lightens skin with daily use. Its Color Correcting pigments even out skin tone while SPF 30 protects from harmful UV rays. It has Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate ) that will hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as Collagen Peptide for skin elasticity and firmness. It also has Glutathione, Arbutin, and Mulberry that will lighten skin with regular use.

Packaging/Where to buy:


Love the simplicity of the packaging, and the fact that it has a mirror and a separator for the sponge and the powder... Sad part here though is they don't have the shade on the case, but they put it on the box. I had to double and triple think what was the shade again of this thing. Which by the way is Beige. Because I remember I had their darkest. XD Upside is the Manufacturing date and Expiry is well located under the casing. :D


This is available in Watsons and other leading department stores nationwide for a price of 749 Php.



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]VivereSalon-3723 #Iwokeuplikethis mga beh. ;D[/caption]

So above, I have a bare face, no moisturizer whatsoever. Below is how the CC powder looks on me. I didn't put anything else for the face, aside from moisturizer, brows, lipstick and blush from same lippie.


Beige suits my skintone just fine, as I am a bit darker than most fair skinned girls, but I'm not morena perse. Longevity wise, this can last for 4 hours on my face before oiling up , which starts on my nose area. The rest of my face after the 4 hour mark looks glowing, and coverage is still intact except for the undereye area and the nose area.



Would I repurchase? Probably for (future) clients. This is great as a setting powder as well, aside from being an emergency foundation for when you need coverage. Price wise, it's a little high for my usual budget. But hey- you're getting a multi purpose product in this thing- makeup and whitening skincare in one, so it's worth it for me. :D

PS: 12 hour matte finish claim is in truth, only 3 hours. 4 hours you'll look glowing, 6 hours it's gone. :D

3.7 stars out of 5 :D


  1. i will also think "CC" should come in tubes or cushions, which is why I tend to think these cc powders are just to ride on the cc trend these days. it's unfortunate that it didn't live up to its 12 hrs claim either, but at least it does make your skin looks natural and smooth!

  2. Ah! I tend to shy away from powder-type foundation, CC, or BB cosmetics, haha. I feel like liquid spreads much more evenly and is easier to apply. Hey, you looked great on those two photos! #wokeuplikethis talaga, haha. I find our weather too hot to wear too many things on my face though, so I stick with concealer, foundation, eye shadow and liner, and matte lipstick. :)