Ignite the Foodie in you with Professional Academy for CulinaryEducation (PACE)

Food has and always been one of my hobbies. I try to cook once in a while but really, I just love to eat and taste new things. So when I got an invite for tasting some of the winning dishes in this year's Philippine Culinary Cup 2016, I was ecstatic!


The tasting event was held in Tito Chef restaurant in BF Parañaque, ran by Chef Menoy Gimenez, Institute Director of Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE). We were privileged to check out these tasty dishes that aren't normally served in Tito Chef, but I really hope they will soon. :D The interior is perfect for enjoying great dishes either with a special someone or family. Said restaurant is also home of the BF Parañaque Branch of PACE.



The Best of the Best Dishes by Professional Academy for Culinary Education

The dishes served to us are just a peek on what one can achieve once they get proper training in the culinary world, especially with PACE. The dishes I got to taste during the night were just some of the ones prepared by chefs /students /instructors of PACE that won either silver of bronze during the Philippine Culinary Cup. This year, PACE was able to garner 13 medals, with 2 silvers and the rest bronze.

Kinilaw Na Talaba with Lumpiang Ubod


It was a great starter to our food tasting. Spicy kinilaw and an interesting way to serve oysters. Also, the Lumpiang Ubod had this nice even crunch, you can tell that the wrapper is of high quality.


Dilis, Pako, Suha with Salted Egg Dressing


I love how different and light this salad tasted. Although the salted egg dressing and dilis did elevate this dish, the point of using Pako , which for me is more refreshing and light than lettuce is what gave a different taste on a usual salad take. Pako is once a common salad ingredient here in our country. Although now it is not the case as you can only find them in select farms and the big palenkes(market).




Balbacua is a southerner's take on Bulalo. Our fellow pinoys from Visayas add in some Atsuete on their milky and tender beef tendons and meat. To make this dish elevated, PACE students made it so it wasn't too oily, and used whole corn kernels instead of adding a cob of corn there. It's a little bit sweeter than the usual Bulalo as well, but this flavor blooms into something awesome with every sip.

Chicken Inasal Roulade


PACE students and instructors delivered this dish with finesse- the chicken was cooked thoroughly but did not dry the dish out. The creamy liver core of this Roulade is also a winner.

Stuffed Pork Pata Humba


The plating of this dish makes it look like a fiesta on a plate, with the fanned out banana chips. This is a sweet-savory tender dish, with a potent sauce.

Kalderetang Tupa


The usual gamey taste of sheeps and lambs are not tasted in this dish. The Kaldereta sauce is not too sweet, and the meat is very tender. I can't explain more because you would really have to taste it for yourself, but this is my 3rd favorite dish (The Balbacua and Kinilaw na Oyster are 1 and 2, respectively.)

Chocolate Almond Butter Cream Cake with Chocolate Mousse


Found this to be on the sweet side, especially when you only focus on the tiramisu. You will really have to make use of the citrus mousse, and I wish they added more of the mangoes and kiwis to help balance the flavor more.

Overall, I had a very happy tummy after the said food tasting. The PACE Team really gave their all in the Philippine Culinary Cup and the dishes presented showed impressive skills and awesome flavors. These creations are just a peek on what it means to be a part of Professional Academy for Culinary Education, and I really wish that I can become a part of their institution soon.  :D

If you want to ignite and go for your passion or hobby to cook and prepare dishes, you may want to enrich yourself here in PACE, and acquire the PACE advantage! For more info, contact PACE at 654-4862 (Antipolo Branch) or 623-1311 (BF Parañaque)


  1. Oi oi oi! Those dishes really look delectable! I totally agree! They should be put on the menu asap. I wonder what the pricing would be, since they all seem super gourmet. Wine would best match them, I see.

  2. There is a school called PACE, in Quezon City, and my children were there for the first three years before they transferred to Xavier School. LOL! Anyway, the food really looks amazing. Now please tell me, the serving is not what was on the photos, right? That was for food tasting only?

  3. This is the same school actually, they just sent us at their BF Paranaque Branch :D
    Nope, this one is one whole plate per dish per reviewer. It's not hati hati/food tasting, it's actual dinner, 7 meal course. :D