My kids Gained More Energy and Weight with Nutri 10 Plus


My daughter is only 5 years old, and yet her schedule is pretty tight! With a wake up call of 5:30 am, and her school starting at 7:30 am, assignments, worksheets, reviews and reading practices alongside playing with his brother (who is also an early riser), I'm not surprised that she and her brother has been looking way too tired by the end of the day.


So recently, I've decided to change up their vitamins, from Appebon to Nutri 10 Plus. This is because their pedia recommended that I change the former after 3 months, so I did. Nutri 10 plus is a really big help for giving them that extra energy needed in their daily routine. :D


Here are a few other reasons why I give them NutriPlus 10 Vitamins everyday, and why you should give them to your kids too!


  • Supplementary Vitamins are good for kids! The best thing about this is if we give them vitamins everyday, we can make sure that the recommended amount of nutrition in the food pyramid is available for our kids. Even if they had lesser veggies and more hot dogs this particular day, you are calm cause you know that they still are getting their required nutrients for better growth.

  • Vitamins help your kid's immune system- Vitamins are essential nowadays, especially in this rainy season we have today, where coughs, colds and fever are rampant..

  • Extra Energy for our kiddos-  The school curriculum is very hard on our kids nowadays. Where did you hear of a nursery student learning about 'kapatagan' and 'talampas' alongside their ABC's?! All that studiying accompanied with an encouraged active lifestyle of playing basketball or piko and chinese garter outside for some fun, our kids really need all the energy they can get!

Nutri 10 Plus is priced at Mercury Drugstore for  P160.00 with a 120ml bottle. Economical, because I know that my kids will get all my favorite 6 vitamins and minerals I read is critical for my growing kids like:

  • Vitamin A which promotes normal growth and development; tissue and bone repair; and healthy skin, eyes, and immune responses.

  • Vitamin Bs. The family of B vitamins — aid metabolism, energy production, and healthy circulatory and nervous systems.

  • Vitamin D promotes bone and tooth formation and helps the body absorb calcium.

  • Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Lysine, and Taurine — CGF has a promise for height enhancement, taurine can make a child smart. Lysine on the other hand, is known as an appetite stimulant which is important for weight gain.


Check out Nutri10 Plus for yourself and see the difference! You can see their Facebook page here.


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