Celebrate Love With Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematorium| #PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark

Taal Volcano Hiking
Trekking to Taal Volcano :D

I love going on death-defying adventures. Ziplines, Hiking along tall mountain cliffs, trapeze swinging, bungee jumps, surfing and skydiving. Some of these, I already did, some are still waiting to be ticked off my bucketlist.

Zipline philippines
Ziplining in Batis Ng Aramin

All these things that I have indicated are dangerous. But I believe that really, there is no such thing as "Death Defying". Because everyone's fate in this world is sealed.


In reality, Death is as natural as Life. It is part of the deal we made. It is not contagious. But it is destined to happen to us. Having a different and less miserable way to view death though- that what makes a big difference on helping us prepare and accept said fate.

Look -  As long as we have love and can love each other, and remember that feeling of love we had, we can die without really 'going away'. All the memories are still there. You live on- in the hearts of everyone who you have touched and nurtured while you are here.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

This very same perspective of Death as the celebration of LOVE is what fuels the concept behind Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory Inc. in Sta. Rosa Laguna. A soon to be Necro-Tourism Leisure property and Memorial for our dearly departed, they have all the modern facilities and amenities you can think of.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

Hotel-esque Reception and Welcoming Crew

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism
Photo by EarthlingGorgeous.com

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism 
The chapel seats are customized to fit as a mini bed- for those relatives who would want to stay in mourning with the immediate family. Photo by Juan Manila Express

From viewing chapels that can accommodate up to 300 persons, with big screens overhead projector for memorialization, reception area that looks like a hotel lobby to hotel like suites catering for the mourning family's needs.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism
Photo by Juan Manila Express
#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Inside the Suite

Said suites have a family room and bedroom equipped with cable TV, DVD, WIFI, refrigerator, microwave oven water dispenser, dining table, chairs, King and Queen size Bedroom showcase for family’s comfort— all to re energize each and every member of the family. These are inside the Arcopolis Viewing Chapel and the Viewing Chapel near the Reception Office.

Top of the line Services

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Olympus- The perfect place for our Cremated Loved ones

More so, Phoenix Memorial is in the best position to provide a decent but very affordable memorial service packages that are all tailored-fit on the financial capability of their clients—starting with a PHP20,000.00 for residential and Proximity viewing.

They also have a Funeral Services Event Coordinator to help the family and those who were left behind. No worries when you are under the state of mourning, Phoenix can handle everything under your approval. You won't have to think too much into it thus helping you grieve properly and remember all the good times.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

Service Package includes:

  • Transfer of the body to our care which include embalming and other preparations

  • Casket

  • Viewing & Visitation Facilities

  • 24-hour assistance from the Funeral Director and Staff

  • Securing all the necessary permits

  • Registration of Death Certificate

  • Funeral Hearse for Interment

Facilities and Amenities

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism The Arcopolis, where one of their larger Viewing Chapels is located[/caption]

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

From the Grecian inspired architecture which can be seen in in the main entrance, that is bordered with familiar Greek gods and goddesses and some of its facilities and adornments named after Greek architectural wonders, they also have spacious parking areas well away from the traffic of Metro Manila, 24/7 security, clean & modern comfort rooms for the comfort of their clients.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Vast Playground that our children and nieces and nephews will surely love

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Their partyplace, as well as a videoke area in one side. :D

Phoenix also boasts of an awesome and vast playground, perfect for our little kids when we visit our loved ones come November 1 or any other day of the year. They also have an area where you can celebrate birthdays for a departed loved one or someone who wants to celebrate a party for commemoration.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Maze!!![/caption]

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Phoenix's Showroom

They also have a show room where you can take your pick on which casket or urn you would like your dearly beloved to be placed.

Philippines Opens First Necro- Tourism Site

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism A part of the unfinished Necro-Museum

Ever heard of necro-tourism? No, it’s not about going out with brain and flesh-eating zombies for it is a really terrifying fiction better left seen in TV series or films. This one is real, fun and certainly an educational adventure for your friends and families.

#PhoenixMemorial #CentennialPark Necro-Tourism Inside the Olympus
The Philippines has officially become a venue for a world-class necro-tourism site with the construction of its first-ever Leisure Memorial Park in Laguna  which offers a walk on one of the famous phases in World History. Phoenix has the honor of involvement with said Necro-tourism, starting with their soon to be open museum inside said memorial. This will open up to our younger generations how burials were done in the past plus how and what are the different traditions of our world when it comes to burying one's dead.

Centennial Garden Memorial Park

Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory Inc.

National Highway, Macabling, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Email them at phoenixmemorialchapels@yahoo.com, phoenixmemorialchapels@gmail.com



  1. It is so amazing. Grabe, when you say leisure, talagang leisure PLUS luxury. Alam mo maganda ang idea ng park ha, lalo diba maraming kids lalo during Nov 1? Pero ito, pwede na dalasan puntahan ang yumao kasi merong activities and grabe!!!!!

  2. Nice! I didn't know memorial chapels can be this luxurious. It's also not a common read that people promote something like this. But now that I've read this, I think I also need to consider in getting a package in memorial parks for the future.

  3. They're also pretty affordable. As you know, metal caskets are up to 100k, but with their package, you avail of their Metal Casket + services for around 120k. And yes, may Funeral Events Coordinator din! :D

  4. may pakulo rin sila pag november 1, trick or treating daw :D

  5. OMG, I never realized that it can be very costly pag nilibing.. Now I understand why many invest in funeral homes, services, and such. It would be a huge help for the loved ones if everything is ready when it's your time to go. I like what you said about acceptance, when it comes to dying and eventual death. I also notice that many funeral homes are starting to appear in Laguna. It must be a very accommodating place to rest. Thanks for sharing the info, and I visited the sites to get more details.

  6. This is the first time I heard about necro-tourism and I had to google it after reading this. I still have to wrap my head around the idea of tourism and cemeteries/memorial parks! Anyway, Phoenix memorial chapel indeed looks comfortable. I guess it caters mainly to those in the middle upper class and above?

  7. Reviewing the contents of the package plus the venue and chapels, I could say that it is sulit. The families of the departed will not worry about the process, they just have to spend the last time with their loved ones.

  8. I had never heard of necro tourism as well. It's the first time I read about it. I'm not used to a Centre like this. Worth a playground for kids and all. Here is mostly formal. And in the south of Netherlands is lots of food and coffee as well after a funeral.

  9. I find the necro-tourism eerie. I'm just not sure though if it'll be a long tour to make it worth a visit. Anyway, I'm sure some people will find great comfort in this. Mourning doesn't have to be a tasking thing anymore given that one's rich. Plus, children will be excited to visit the memorial park with their parents since there are amenities for them to enjoy.

  10. not fun per se, just a bit easier to do, as you won't have to think too much of the details when sending your loved one off... :D I remember the stress the whole faily had when our lolo passed away, too many things to talk and think about while having a really heavy heart is surely hard. If we had known of this before, life would have been a bit more easier for sure :D

  11. not necessarily for the rich only, Me An. :D Their prices are pretty affordable for the middle class as well :)

  12. :D I know right? had we known of services like this six years ago, my family would have had mourned without thinking about the details. It's tough to make decisions while having a heavy heart for sure.

  13. I love the idea of giving comfort to those who were left behind by their deadly departed. But I may be the conservative type who still prefer to do a little sacrifice for our loved ones. Though there is nothing wrong with the comfortable bed, fun activities and hotel-like accommodations, i see myself praying for and enjoying my solitude as I visit my grandparents who left ahead of us.

  14. I'm in awe. I had no idea this kind of thing existed. Ok, yes I know there are funeral homes for wakes and funeral ceremonies. But rooms to stay in? A playground? All this place is missing is a pool! I have to say I have never heard of Necro-Tourism. As close as I have got to something of the sort is visiting old cemeteries for the beautiful statues and famous burial sites. Quite interesting indeed this necro tourism.