Experience the Thrill of Honda with Gen S Sports Motorcycles


Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) is bringing the thrill of racing to the Philippines as they unveiled last Sunday their newest Honda Gen S sports motorcycle model – the all-new Honda CBR150R.


Honda Philippines is giving the local market the chance to experience the speed and power of its latest racing machine, to meet the demand of Filipino riders for a high-quality sports bike.



The all-new Honda CBR150R sports an aggressive design. Its dual keen eye headlight exemplifies its sleek and sporty exterior along with its side cowl, rear side cowl, and new stylish muffler.

From a girl's point of view the design is pretty rocking. It comes in 3 styles- an all black, the special Red and White and one that is orange and inspired from pro motorcycle racing designs. I noticed that it handles easily as it's 'light' albeit the aggressive racing design, and the price point is bad ass! (150 k-170k Php ). Safety features like their back angle censor, which automatically shuts off engine once you have accidental falls are also a plus for minimizing accidents, aside from the double disc brakes. This is something that I would love to use myself not just for racing but for long roadtrips as well.


Inspired by MotoGP DNA, the all-new Honda CBR150R is equipped with a 150cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC – 4 valve engine that delivers up to 12.6kW/ 9,000rpm max power and 13.0 Nm/7,500 rpm max power of torque. Thanks to PGM-FI fuel supply system, which complies with EURO3 emission standard, the all-new Honda CBR150R’s engine is fuel-efficient and environment-friendly.



This model is also built with an innovative truss frame, which is designed to support the engine, maximize performance of Pro-Link suspension system, and optimally reduce engine vibration, resulting in stability, agility and riding comfort. Which is why I said earlier that this is perfect for long roadtrips as well.


The all-new Honda CBR150R is also equipped with double disc-brake, digital meter panel with integrated information (speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel meter, clock, and engine temperature), new aluminum rear foot step, and secure key shutter.


“Bringing the all-new Honda CBR150R to the Philippines is part of HPI’s efforts to ignite the passion of riding among new riders and enthusiasts. This is their chance to experience the thrill of Honda racing,” said HPI president Daiki Mihara.


  1. It has been ages since I rode motorbikes! LOL! Nowadays, there are so many models available and they really are affordable. One thing to note having driven cars for decades. Motorcycle riders do not know how many times they have cheated deaths. So being responsible is a MUST. Back to the CBR150... it has a sporty look and of all the colors I love for motorbikes, I love RED! You look good there!

  2. I noticed something though robert, most of those who drive both cars and motorcycles are more 'polite' on the road rather than most of those who drive motorcycles only. Not generalizing that everyone's like that, just the majority... And I definitely agree on all of us drivers, be it cars or PUVs or motorcycles and bikes to be more responsible to avoid accidents :3 Also, thanks for the complements! :D