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So, you're looking for that perfect place to have a staycation, or somewhere you can spend the night comfortably because you're stuck in the Taft Traffic? A place that pretty much has everything that you might need... Well You should totally check out Hotel Benilde around Malate, Manila. They have rooms for all types of needs and the pool plus awesome city view is a big PLUS!

PS: This place is a couple of meters away from Becky's Kitchen!
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Last week, me long with a few mommy bloggers got to tour around the hotel when we had our daytime makeup workshop and my curiosity is finally satisfied! My sister used to study near the hotel and I've been in their penthouse French Restaurant, Vatel for a couple of times already but the rooms are always a mystery to me.

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Although I did imagine that they have the usual rooms in a hotel, they have a little something extra that those in a budget might be interested in- they have dormitory type rooms. Yep, so they cater to all types of travelers, or even just those who got stuck in traffic or have an early day tomorrow and want to have a nice bed to sleep on.

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Now these rooms can cater up to 8 per room, has 2 toilets and 2 baths and your own closet - slash- locker room, plus they also have these study desks near the window that is perfect for reading books, or in our case, applying makeup.

So on to the other rooms, they do have a wide variety of rooms and suites like the One Bedroom Suite that is usually included in their wedding or debut packages... It has an awesome bath, but I don't think that anything else can stump the Presidential Suite that they have... Which is perfect honestly for those with a big gathering. The presidential suite has a large bathtub, walk in closet and kitchen included.

One Bedroom Suite

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Presidential Suite

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The Superior Twin and the Deluxe Queen have the same price point, and similar room arrangement, except that the twin has 2 beds and the Deluxe Queen has one. The Deluxe King room on the other hand is best for those who travel with kids. They all have spacious rooms along with spacious showers!

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Amenities include a pool up at the penthouse floor, along with a fitness center, secured parking space, a really spacious function room and many more! Check them out here:

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Breakfasts are served at Cafe Romancon, and as I mentioned above, they also have this swanky french restaurant at the penthouse called Vatel. It has a LOT of instagrammable places for your ootds!

A posh hotel experience in Manila for a price that's affordable? Hotel Benilde offers that and a lot more than some of the other hotels that I have tried around the metro, as they also have a pool and really big bathtubs. Here are their rates and if ever you find yourself in the middle of Manila, don't hesitate to try out this hotel for your next staycation! :)
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  1. Ganda sa loob may gym pa.😉 dormitory at superior twin pasok sa bulsa😊

    1. ahaha yung pool rin ang ganda.. May nastayan ako dito sa manila na hotel, 4 star din but they don't have any pool though so medyo let down for the kids :)