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Easy Make Up for Moms

Hey! Last week, a couple of mommy bloggers and I got a chance to play around and learn a few more tricks with makeup, thanks to our fellow mom blogger Mhaan. She is a Pro Makeup Artist who also happens to blog at Mommy Rockin' in Style. Her clients are mostly focused on Bridal looks and any other occasion you might want or need that extra wow factor that makeup can bring.

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Mhaan, our instructor is the one with the glasses :)

She held a workshop of sorts for us in Hotel Benilde and their fab dorm room, focusing on daytime wear. It is encouraged to bring our own makeup so we can fully understand how to use what we have. I got a couple more tricks from her and I am of course gonna share because sharing is caring, right? :D

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  • When applying your foundation, especially liquid, go easy.

Because for a daytime look, you don't really need much. All you need for cover ups is the concealer. If you have to apply a liquid foundation, a thin application that is well blended and into the skin is great especially if you have to commute so that you can easily touch things up with powder and it will not look cakey. Here, my foundation is the L'Oreal's True Match Super Blendable in the shade W 4.5 or Fresh Beige but usually I also alternate it with other foundations like L'oreal Infallible Stay Fresh in the shade 150, or 250 if I am currently tan.

The beauty Avenue by Mhaan Easy Make Up for Moms

  • Concealer is a mother's under eye's best friend

Syempre para fresh ang look natin and we don't look tired, the concealer is your best friend. Get a shade that is peachy in color or orange-ish  and is also a shade or two lighter so that we can color correct if it is so dark.For this look I used the Maybelline Fit Me in the shade Medium.

  • Bushy eyebrows? Eyebrow Gel and Pencils are your friend!

If you are a serious noob in this, you have to go to a pro or a salon first to have your brows threaded and shaped. Mhaan recommends doing this before the big occasion that you have. Once you have your shape mapped out and you're like me who has bushy brows, all you really need is a couple of swipes of that eyebrow gel and blending things with a spoolie. For more shape, you can use a pencil. Here I used Wunderbrow D-Fine Brow Gel and Pen.

The beauty Avenue by Mhaan Easy Make Up for Moms Mhaan recommended to us the Kris Life Kit from Ever Bilena for our brows because it has a gel and pencil in one. But there are also others like this in Miniso, and other makeup counters.

  • Hooded Eyes and Eyeshadow 101

If you're like me who has hooded eyes and you're wondering where did all your work into blending disappear when you open them... The answer is to add your transition/crease color a little higher than your actual crease area. That way, your eye shadow won't disappear!

The beauty Avenue by Mhaan collage3

Here's the look that I ended up with:

The beauty Avenue by Mhaan
Man, I missed playing with color. But I can still hear my previous MAC Makeup workshop instructor shouting in my head to not be afraid with color and go a bit heavier on the blush, contour and eyeshadow LOL. Even Mhaan said that I should go and add more color to my cheeks as I was doing the look because it looked a bit pale. Even if I thought it was enough. hahaha!

This look is great for going to a casual event... Or just pang rampa sa school ng anak mo pag susunduin mo sila... Or pag mag grocery ka na sa Rustans and all you wanna buy is some shrimps and caviar. Charot!

To transform it into a night time look though, I just changed into a darker color lipstick like so:

shopee celebrity club easy makeup for moms

So now excuse me while I go conquer the world, one lipstick and two kiddos at a time.

For more tips on that, or if you want to be gorgeous on a special day... Grab your phone and call Mhaan now! She's gonna be your fairy god mother to all things pro in beauty!
📱sms/viber #09175056335
💌 tbabymhaan@gmail.com
Follow her on IG: @thebeautyavenuebymhaan

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