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As I have mentioned in my other blogpost, if you want a nice breakfast to go with your staycation in Hotel Benilde, you are in good hands with Cafè Romanćon. They have really accommodating plus attentive waiters and great food. I may not have tried their breakfast menu but I have here to show some of their specialties on their menu.

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Ambiance feels like a casual but classy restaurant. It is a nice place to have that heavy meal before going on a tour to Intramuros or a great impression for a first date. Definitely might make you double think on it's price but don't fret as this swanky casual restaurant's dishes are priced quite affordable with regards to the taste, quality and quantity of the dishes I got to taste here.

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What makes them different are their desserts that got me excited, my heart pumping and wanting for more twists and turns. Here are some of my favorite dishes that I am sure to come back for:

Three Musketeers - 250 Php

These cheesesticks are definitely worth it as they are filled to the brim. No, hindi ka po tinipid dito. Great snack accompanied with a nice shake or juice or as an appetizer for your next meal.
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Cream of Butternut Squash- 130 Php

It has a rustic taste to it and the cream it has is not overpowering. Warms up my belly nicely, and is good for 1 person. :D
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Seafood Linguine- 280 Php

This pasta though is good for sharing with 2 persons. The marinara is nicely done and you can taste the seafood is real fresh.
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Norweigan Salmon - 390 Php

This salmon is really oozing with that umami flavor. It's flaky and well seasoned. I also fell in love with their mashed potato as it is on the rustic side, is also fluffy but you won't find  much cream in the mix.
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Barbecued Pork Ribs - 350 Php

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This looks and tastes divine. A little tangy but still sweet and tender. The mashed potato is the same as the Norweigan salmon though.

As I said before they have a lot of choices when it comes to desserts. You can also order and save when it comes to your coffee as they have coffee and cake package available too. Here are some of their selections:

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You can pair your coffee with this Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake to satisfy your cravings.
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hotel Benilde (134 of 146)Crema Catalana- 120 Php

This is a two way creme brulee, with one part as gelatin based and the other as cream based. I love the cherry on top and how it is just right when it comes to its sweetness level.
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Sizzling Brownies - 225 Php

This is the first time that I have tasted a sizzling dessert. It is so fun cause I feel like it is a literal dessert version of that "A Song of Fire and Ice"idea from game of thrones. the brownie itself is cold and there is a distinct hot and cold play in your mouth. I can also think of it like an inverted ice cream sandwich, with the ice cream on top as you have a cool-hot-cool sandwich taste if you eat it with the ice cream. A definite must try.

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I'm impressed that aside from the staff and the nice service, they also have this to set them apart from the other restaurants in the area. They also have pasta and salads if you want something a bit lighter. What's nice is most of their dishes range from 150 to 500 pesos so it is affordable enough. I would definitely come back again just to have this dessert or that norweigan salmon and mashed potatoes.

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