Must Try Restaurants around Alabang | Westgate Food Crawl 2018

Best way to ward off the gloomy weather? Some nice, warm food. Last July 19th, I braved the storms and went on to journey what is new around Westgate Alabang. I've been around here before, and I can attest that the best things you can find here aside from the nice view is the food that is littered around the area. 

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Our #WestgateFoodCrawl2018 starts with Earth Origins . This is a Marketplace and Cafe in one, which means you can shop for your veggies and other condiments here while having your lunch. If you are looking for things to supply your Paleo or Keto diet or you just want to transition to a healthier lifestyle you can definitely come over here. They are all organic with their marketplace and cafe so healthy and yummy? You can get it here!

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Or if you are looking for ways to make your kiddos eat healthy veggies but make them yummy as well.. This is a MUST TRY restaurant. Check out these dishes that they served during the food crawl:

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KFC (Krispy Fried Cauliflower) tastes much like a korean chicken, but healthier cause it is cauliflower!
That KFC they serve is honestly great for introducing your kids to try out veggies! It is so yummy and I did not think that the taste is cauliflower at all!
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Healthy salads are also up on the menu!

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Paella with all the works plus some freaky deaky yummy Mushroom Chicharon!

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Veggie Burger made from Puso ng Saging and other veggies. DELISH pa rin!

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Neils kitchen (61 of 61)

Next on our list is Neil's Kitchen. If you're looking for a restaurant that loves to play with its food *presentation*, you have to come here! They present our usual pinoy favorites in ways you never would have thought of. And yes, the dishes still retain their signature taste. This place is perfect for family gatherings or if you want to chill and bond some more with your friends with some seriously delicious food along the way... Please don't hesitate to come inside Neil's Kitchen.

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Chicken Pork Adobo anyone? And yes, you also get adobo flakes up top!

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Yummy Batchoy for the cold weather!

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Yes ladies and gents, this is Caldereta. :)

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Sinigang ala Neil's kitchen. You get the sour broth within the paella and those grilled sinigang liempo is just delicious!
Also, serving size of each dish in Neil's kitchen is at 2-3 persons per, so this place is definitely sulit!

Butamaru (26 of 30)
Classic Ramen at Butamaru!

When it comes to ramen, with the rainy season upon us, IT IS A DEFINITE YES! And for those who are around Westgate you should definitely check out Butamaru and their Japanese offerings. They have the traditional Shio and Shoyu ramen, but they also have a few other twists in mind like these side dishes :

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Katsugyozayaki which is basically gyoza that is served ala takoyaki with a breading much like katsu. :D And yes, mesherep she. :)

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Fried Gyoza is *HART*

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Spicy Spareribs!

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Red Ramen Anyone?

Butamaru (29 of 30)
Curry Tantanmen!

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brothers burger (21 of 66)

Brother's Burger is our last stop of the day, and while I was expecting my favorite big buns with  juicy patties inside, I was pleasantly surprised cause they offered us more than that.

brothers burgercollage 1
You get Buffalo, Garlic parmesan, Soy and some Jalapeno! All are top of the line and so affordable for the taste! Honestly comparable to Wingstop's.

They now have wings, Breakfast choices, pizzas and Mexican food! I'll be covering more of that soon with a different post but for now here are a few teasers:

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This snack box is great if you're going to the movies! :) They have different sets for these.. :)

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Yes people. They have pizza, and tapa too!

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A stroll around Westgate Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City is like being presented a buffet of the best that the local restaurant scene has to offer. It is where one can spend time with loved ones over a good meal, a good conversation over artisan coffee or dessert, or simple moments to unwind with family and friends.

With its parklike layout and impressive selection of shopping, dining, and wellness centers, there is truly no question why Westgate is a beloved place in the South. 


About Westgate Center 
Westgate Center is a premier development project of Filinvest Alabang Inc. in Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The 9.2-hectare open-air shopping and dining complex boasts of a relaxing atmosphere perfect for rest and recreation. Visit the Westgate Center’s official page at

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